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emergency management

Emergency management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding both natural and manmade disasters. It involves preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.

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02 Feb 2018 Funding still available for research News communication, emergency management, local knowledge
15 Feb 2016 On-call responders needed for study News capability, decision making, emergency management
15 Sep 2017 Short-term funding available News emergency management, multi-hazard
02 Apr 2019 A combined plan to face the hazards News emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
21 Aug 2018 Research innovation on display in Perth News emergency management, multi-hazard, resilience
01 Oct 2019 CRC researcher named top research talent News emergency management
30 May 2017 Enriching leadership of volunteers in the emergency services News emergency management, recruitment, volunteering
18 Sep 2017 Outstanding achievements recognised News emergency management, multi-hazard
29 Oct 2019 Bushfire modelling boost News communities, emergency management, fire
19 Aug 2016 Emergency services working together ahead of 2016/17 disaster season News emergency management, multi-hazard
12 May 2020 AFAC20 postponed News emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
12 Feb 2019 Flood authority set to benefit News emergency management, multi-hazard, planning
23 May 2018 Shining a light on hazards News emergency management, fire severity, warnings
11 Jul 2017 Priorities set direction for next decade News emergency management, multi-hazard
07 Mar 2019 Reducing the cost of hazards News emergency management, fire impacts, multi-hazard
15 Mar 2019 Stronger together: celebrating International Women’s Day with Victoria’s emergency services News diversity and inclusion, emergency management
11 Mar 2016 Videos feature key research News communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
21 Dec 2016 Government consults on public benefit CRCs News emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
24 Jul 2018 New online - July 2018 News earthquake, emergency management, multi-hazard
11 Sep 2019 New online - September 2019 News emergency management, multi-hazard
12 Sep 2018 Changing for success in Perth News emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
14 Apr 2020 Knowledge networks and emergency management seminars News communication, emergency management
10 Oct 2017 Free event to highlight disaster reduction News communities, emergency management, multi-hazard
04 Jul 2017 National priorities for research News emergency management, multi-hazard
21 Feb 2019 Research brief for Qld Minister News emergency management
09 Jul 2019 Diversity, inclusion and change, the new normal in Australia’s emergency management sector News emergency management
13 Jun 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours for CRC researcher News communication, emergency management
15 Nov 2016 Project news – Policies, institutions and governance of natural hazards News emergency management, governance, policy
14 Jan 2016 Wanted: home for research. Reward: community resilience Blog emergency management, resilience
19 Mar 2019 Learning the media game Blog emergency management, fire, fire impacts
14 May 2019 Becoming fire-fit: preparing for the unexpected and unimagined Blog communities, emergency management, resilience
11 Mar 2015 Marketing research informs risk communication in South Australia Blog communication, emergency management
06 Dec 2019 12 simple ways you can reduce bushfire risk to older homes Blog emergency management, fire impacts, fire severity
20 May 2016 Networking, connections and career opportunities Blog emergency management
21 Jun 2018 An exhibition of Australian science: an early career perspective Blog communication, education, emergency management
13 Feb 2017 Community at the top of the list all over the world Blog emergency management, land management, prescribed burning
18 Feb 2019 To build or not build: that is the Townsville question Blog decision making, emergency management, multi-hazard
21 Jul 2016 Three years on and the view turns to research use Blog emergency management, land management
28 Jun 2019 Six years done and the main game is to use the research Blog communities, emergency management, warnings
03 Sep 2019 Grim fire season looms but many Australians remain unprepared Blog communication, emergency management, fire impacts

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