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emergency management

Emergency management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding both natural and manmade disasters. It involves preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.

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04 Sep 2019 Magazine highlights data and warnings research News communication, emergency management, fire impacts
Major post-event inquiries and reviews: review of recommendations Biblio PDF icon save (1.15 MB) decision making, emergency management, policy
26 Apr 2019 Making diversity and inclusion the new normal in emergency services Resource PDF icon save (133.57 KB) capability, diversity and inclusion, emergency management
13 Apr 2017 Making research matter Blog coastal, emergency management, resilience
08 Sep 2014 Managing animals in disasters (MAiD) Resource PDF icon save (2.02 MB) animals, emergency management
27 Oct 2014 Managing animals in disasters (MAiD): Experiences of emergency services personnel Resource animals, emergency management
10 Apr 2015 Managing Animals in Disasters 2015 NSW RAF Presentation Resource PDF icon save (2.09 MB) animals, emergency management, response
Managing animals in disasters: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (1017.25 KB) animals, emergency management, vulnerability
Managing cognitive biases during disaster response: the development of an aide memoire Biblio emergency management, optimisation, organisational
28 Oct 2019 Mapping approaches to community engagement for disaster preparedness in Australia Resource File save (0 bytes) emergency management, planning, preparedness
Mapping Bushfire Hazard and Impacts Annual Report 2017-2018 Biblio PDF icon save (2.4 MB) emergency management, fire, fire impacts
11 Mar 2015 Marketing research informs risk communication in South Australia Blog communication, emergency management
20 Oct 2014 Measuring EM performance under adversity: The good, the bad, the ugly Resource capability, emergency management
13 Feb 2015 Media get briefing on key research issues News emergency management, mitigation, planning
19 Dec 2018 Mental health and research outcomes for the sector Resource emergency management, fire, resilience
Mitigating the effects of severe fires, floods and heatwaves through the improvements of land dryness measures and forecasts - annual report 2018-2019 Biblio emergency management, fire, land management
Model for assessing the vulnerability of Australian housing to windstorms - VAWS Biblio PDF icon save (7.38 MB) cyclone, emergency management, severe weather
Modelling the impact of lifeline infrastructure failure during natural hazard events Biblio PDF icon save (9.64 MB) emergency management, environments, risk management
Models and frameworks for assessing the value of disaster research Biblio PDF icon save (1.05 MB) economics, emergency management, resilience
Monitoring, evaluation and learning toolkit Biblio PDF icon save (1.29 MB) communities, emergency management, preparedness
My grab bag is two suitcases: an autoethnographical view of a super-plus size self-evacuation from Hurricane Irma Biblio diversity and inclusion, emergency management, vulnerability
28 Jun 2019 National awards for our research Resource emergency management, fire, modelling
20 Jul 2018 National focus on mitigation policy News emergency management, multi-hazard, policy
04 Jul 2017 National priorities for research News emergency management, multi-hazard
03 Jul 2017 Natural disasters research up in lights News emergency management, multi-hazard
Natural Hazards and Disaster Justice: Challenges for Australia and Its Neighbours Biblio emergency management, framework, policy
03 May 2016 Natural hazards science for Brisbane News emergency management
15 Jan 2015 Natural hazards—a wicked problem Blog emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
18 Aug 2015 Network Centric Emergency Management: Options for Filling a Strategic Void in Interoperability Thinking Resource PDF icon save (256.49 KB) emergency management
Network Enabled Agility: A model for filling the strategic void in interoperability thinking Project decision making, emergency management, optimisation
20 May 2016 Networking, connections and career opportunities Blog emergency management
23 Jan 2019 New fire and smoke modelling science underway News emergency management, fire impacts, modelling
27 Jun 2017 New mitigation research in Western Australia News decision making, economics, emergency management
18 Apr 2018 New online - April 2018 News emergency management, multi-hazard
21 Apr 2020 New online - April 2020 News communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
21 Aug 2018 New online - August 2018 News child-centred, emergency management, flood
22 Aug 2019 New online - August 2019 News decision making, emergency management, fire
19 Dec 2016 New online - December 2016 News emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
19 Dec 2017 New online - December 2017 News emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
18 Dec 2018 New online - December 2018 News emergency management, modelling, multi-hazard

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