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emergency management

Emergency management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding both natural and manmade disasters. It involves preparedness, response and recovery in order to lessen the impact of disasters.

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15 Jan 2015 Natural hazards—a wicked problem Blog emergency management, multi-hazard, risk management
10 Sep 2019 Assessing the value of disaster research Blog economics, emergency management
21 Jun 2018 An exhibition of Australian science: an early career perspective Blog communication, education, emergency management
23 May 2016 The RAF, the future and outreach Blog emergency management, land management
02 Sep 2020 Valuing each other - why diversity and inclusion matters Blog diversity and inclusion, emergency management, policy
18 Sep 2018 The conference that keeps on giving....and giving Blog emergency management
20 Dec 2018 Providing useful benefits in 2018 and beyond Blog emergency management, mental health, multi-hazard
09 Jan 2016 Research must advance to keep us safe from natural hazards Blog communication, communities, emergency management
13 Feb 2017 Community at the top of the list all over the world Blog emergency management, land management, prescribed burning
14 Jan 2021 Driving Change – the place that starts at the end of the journey Blog emergency management, multi-hazard
23 Aug 2019 Our new global plant water status database may prevent you from needing to fieldwork. What will you miss? Blog emergency management, fire, fire severity
11 Dec 2015 Word from the disaster supermarket Blog communication, emergency management
08 Jan 2020 ‘I can still picture the faces’: Black Saturday firefighters want you to listen to them, not call them ‘heroes’ Blog emergency management, fire, fire impacts
16 Mar 2016 Working on-call? You can help with my research Blog capability, decision making, emergency management
18 Nov 2019 Disaster database developed Blog decision making, emergency management, guidelines
21 Jul 2016 Common thoughts, common issues Blog emergency management, policy
21 Oct 2016 Learning lessons from, and about, post disaster inquiries Blog decision making, emergency management, policy
18 Apr 2019 Coexisting with combustion: the future of bushfire management Blog emergency management, fire impacts, indigenous communities
13 May 2015 On show in Chicago Blog communication, emergency management, volunteering
25 Jul 2017 Going somewhere? Blog emergency management, multi-hazard
16 Dec 2019 Australia needs a national crisis plan, and not just for bushfires Blog emergency management, multi-hazard, policy
11 Mar 2016 Expedited ethics review of time-critical research Blog emergency management, planning, policy
05 Apr 2016 Utilisation the real challenge Blog emergency management, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
30 Jan 2020 Rebuilding from the ashes of disaster: this is what Australia can learn from India Blog emergency management, recovery, response
19 Mar 2019 Learning the media game Blog emergency management, fire, fire impacts
01 Jun 2018 Resource explores coaching and mentoring opportunities for IMTs News communication, decision making, emergency management
11 Sep 2019 New online - September 2019 News emergency management, multi-hazard
15 Nov 2016 Project news – Policies, institutions and governance of natural hazards News emergency management, governance, policy
19 Dec 2016 New online - December 2016 News emergency management, land management, multi-hazard
30 Jan 2018 Australia Day honours for research trailblazer News emergency management
11 Mar 2016 Videos feature key research News communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
22 Jun 2018 New research opportunities available News emergency management, prescribed burning, resilience
18 Mar 2019 Student science completed News emergency management, fire impacts, mental health
14 Apr 2020 Knowledge networks and emergency management seminars News communication, emergency management
22 Aug 2019 New online - August 2019 News decision making, emergency management, fire
28 Feb 2018 Survey to protect historic WA town from earthquake News earthquake, emergency management, mitigation
17 Aug 2018 Giving a voice to the emergency service volunteers News emergency management, volunteering
03 Jul 2017 Natural disasters research up in lights News emergency management, multi-hazard
15 Jun 2018 Improving organisational learning and teamwork News communication, decision making, emergency management
23 Jan 2019 New fire and smoke modelling science underway News emergency management, fire impacts, modelling

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