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Cyclones are a system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low barometric pressure, with an anticlockwise (northern hemisphere) or clockwise (southern hemisphere) circulation.

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Severe wind hazard preliminary assessment: Tropical Cyclone Debbie, Whitsunday Coast, Queensland, Australia Biblio cyclone, mitigation, severe weather
A vulnerability assessment tool for residential structures and extreme wind events Biblio PDF icon save (567.84 KB) cyclone, engineering, severe weather
Vulnerability assessment of bridges subjected to extreme cyclonic events Biblio cyclone, engineering, risk analysis
Development of a full-scale structural testing program to evaluate the resistance of Australian houses to wind loads Biblio cyclone, engineering, mitigation
Did Harvey learn from Katrina? Initial observations of the response to companion animals during Hurricane Harvey Biblio animals, communities, cyclone
Forecasting the impact of tropical cyclones using global numerical weather prediction ensemble forecasts: a Tropical Cyclone Marcia (2015) wind and rainfall case study Biblio PDF icon save (454.57 KB) cyclone, forecasting, severe weather
Wave ensemble forecasts for tropical cyclones in the Australian region Biblio coastal, cyclone, forecasting
Wind uplift strength capacity variation in roof-to-wall connections of timber-framed houses Biblio cyclone, engineering, mitigation
Fragility and climate impact assessment of contemporary housing roof sheeting failure due to extreme wind Biblio cyclone, economics, modelling
Improving the resilience of housing to severe wind events: annual project report 2016-17 Biblio PDF icon save (2.38 MB) cyclone, engineering, mitigation
Improving the resilience of existing housing to severe wind events: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (1.13 MB) cyclone, resilience, severe weather
Large damage bills to buildings from cyclones can be reduced by small actions Biblio PDF icon save (507.42 KB) cyclone, emergency management, resilience
20 Jul 2018 Multi-disciplinary approaches to natural hazards science unpacked Blog cyclone, resilience, severe weather
29 Mar 2017 Measuring Debbie Blog cyclone, engineering, infrastructure
08 Jun 2017 Disaster Risk Management: Insights from US Experience Blog cyclone, mitigation, planning
20 Jul 2016 Failures on re-roofed houses Blog cyclone, exposure, infrastructure
03 Oct 2017 Could Sydney be the next Houston? Blog cyclone, flood, planning
09 Dec 2019 Homes can be better prepared for cyclones. But first we must convince the owners Blog communication, cyclone, mitigation
09 Sep 2016 Conference highlights key issues for the sector Blog cyclone, mitigation, multi-hazard
31 May 2017 Windy in the US Blog cyclone, engineering, severe weather
12 Sep 2016 Student's cyclone research is popular News communication, cyclone, severe weather
11 Jan 2019 Student cyclone interest up north News cyclone, mitigation, resilience
24 Apr 2015 House Upgrades in the Wind News cyclone, infrastructure, resilience
12 Oct 2018 Asia-Pacific research display for PhD News cyclone, mitigation
07 Dec 2016 Researchers test tropical cyclone deployment strategies News cyclone, engineering, mitigation
19 Oct 2017 Harvey damage assessed by team News cyclone, engineering, storm surge
23 Aug 2018 New grant for Queenslanders News cyclone, mitigation, Northern Australia
07 Dec 2018 Preparing for the future focus of magazine News cyclone, emergency management, land management
16 Mar 2015 Please help those impacted by Cyclone Pam News cyclone
18 Dec 2017 Strength in the face of high winds News cyclone, engineering, mitigation
25 Jan 2021 New website to keep the roof over your head News cyclone, engineering, mitigation
16 Apr 2019 New online - April 2019 News cyclone, earthquake, fire
20 Sep 2017 International team investigates Hurricane Irma News cyclone, engineering, storm surge
20 Nov 2017 Cyclone research briefings underway News communication, cyclone, engineering
09 Apr 2019 Communication key for students News child-centred, cyclone, fire
27 Apr 2018 Quick response for cyclone wastage News cyclone, land management, Northern Australia
06 Dec 2018 Queenslanders benefit from cyclone research News cyclone, mitigation, resilience
08 Oct 2019 CRC backed program receives state award News cyclone, emergency management, resilience
21 Jul 2017 Lismore floods, did you stay or did you go? News cyclone, decision making, flood
11 Dec 2014 You can help wind research News cyclone, severe weather

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