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Communities refers to groups of people living in the same place, who share particular characteristics or endeavours.

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Gendered responses to the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria, Australia Biblio communities, fire, response
Improving the Role of Hazard Communications in Increasing Residents' Preparedness and Response Planning Annual Report 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (537.23 KB) communication, communities, preparedness
Sheltering practices during bushfire Biblio PDF icon save (1.66 MB) communities, fire, policy
Too good to be true? How a remote island community developed a 100% effective risk communication strategy and what Australia can learn from it Biblio PDF icon save (424.75 KB) communication, communities, resilience
Perceptions of risk and connection to landscape Biblio communities, fire, risk management
Volunteered geographic information, community engagement and bushfire preparation Project communities, local knowledge, volunteering
Community engagement in the post-disaster landscape Project communities, recovery, resilience
Into the firing line: civilian ingress during the 2013 “Red October” bushfires, Australia Biblio communication, communities, warnings
Defining Sufficient Household Preparedness for Active Wildfire Defense: Toward an Australian Baseline Biblio communication, communities, preparedness
Capturing community experiences: South Australian bushfires January 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (8.35 MB) communication, communities, decision making
Long-term solutions to improve emergency management services in remote communities in northern Australia Biblio communities, emergency management, Northern Australia

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