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Communities refers to groups of people living in the same place, who share particular characteristics or endeavours.

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17 Nov 2016 National gong for researcher News communication, communities
18 Mar 2020 Post-fire research receives boost News communities, fire, recovery
10 May 2019 Community and economic impact of Black Saturday investigated in Journal News communities, diversity and inclusion, indigenous communities
09 May 2016 Using research? Learning from experience News communication, communities, planning
31 May 2018 Enhancing teamwork and research utilisation News communities, decision making, emergency management
26 Sep 2019 Leading the way in pet preparedness News animals, communities, emergency management
28 Feb 2014 Warning communities to take action News communication, communities, decision making
19 Oct 2017 Experts gather on disaster reduction News communities, education, resilience
18 Dec 2017 Emergency planning for animals News animals, communities, planning
22 Oct 2014 Sustainable volunteering - how can we do it differently? News communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
14 May 2015 Science in Wildfire News communities, exposure, risk management
19 Oct 2020 Emergency management in the community News communication, communities, emergency management
07 May 2014 Newsletter - Out of Uniform News communities, volunteering
13 Nov 2017 Project update - Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities News communities, indigenous communities, resilience
19 Mar 2015 Bangor, Rockleigh and Eden Valley SA research findings News communication, communities, decision making
24 Jul 2020 Fire, flood, storm and cyclone: applying science to the challenge News communication, communities, multi-hazard
18 Aug 2020 New evidence-based guide helps communities recover from emergencies News communities, indigenous communities, recovery
10 Feb 2020 Breaking down Australia’s bushfires News communities, emergency management, local knowledge
07 Oct 2014 Mercury rising replay available News communities, fire severity, fire weather
05 Dec 2016 Podcast focuses on disaster resilience News communities, emergency management, resilience
15 Dec 2017 Collaboration, community preparedness and updated priorities for natural hazards research News communities, emergency management, multi-hazard
19 Feb 2015 Parkerville WA research findings News communication, communities, decision making
07 Mar 2016 Perceptions of risk and connection to landscape News communities, land management, local knowledge
29 Mar 2018 Can your community cope with rising tides? News coastal, communities, flood
23 Jul 2018 New Zealand PhDs needed News communities, emergency management, multi-hazard
12 Sep 2018 Remote Indigenous communities welcome two-way training News communities, indigenous communities, Northern Australia
02 Oct 2020 Understanding bushfire risk, warnings and responses – lessons from the 2018 Reedy Swamp fire News communication, communities, warnings
29 Oct 2014 Facing a disaster News capability, communities, vulnerability
15 Sep 2020 PhD chance to assess temperate rainforest community resilience News communities, fire impacts, resilience
12 Aug 2016 Research contributes to CFS community engagement News communication, communities, fire
17 Aug 2015 Post-incident research: Gaining knowledge after the event News communities, decision making, fire
10 Oct 2017 Free event to highlight disaster reduction News communities, emergency management, multi-hazard
12 Dec 2018 Emergency planning for animals News animals, communities, planning
24 Nov 2017 Updates from north Australia research News communities, fire, indigenous communities
02 Mar 2016 Project update - scientific diversity News communities, mitigation, policy
12 Jun 2018 Animal research awarded News animals, communication, communities
20 Jul 2016 Learning survival lessons in the wake of a tsunami News communities, resilience, tsunami
29 Oct 2019 Bushfire modelling boost News communities, emergency management, fire
29 Oct 2014 Missed the Research Forum? Audio and video now available News communities, fire, flood
01 Mar 2017 'Unofficial' volunteers News communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering

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