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Communities refers to groups of people living in the same place, who share particular characteristics or endeavours.

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Assessment of resilience indicators for emergencies - the case study of Maroondah City Council and Knox City Council Project communities, emergency management, resilience
Why do people decide to drive through floodwater? Utilising virtual reality to assess motivations and behaviour associated with driving through floodwater Project communities, decision making, flood
Capturing community experiences in the 2015 Sampson Flat fire Biblio PDF icon save (2.4 MB) communication, communities, fire impacts
Standardised search markings to include animals Biblio PDF icon save (425.36 KB) animals, communities, resilience
Surviving bushfire: the role of shelters and sheltering practices during the Black Saturday bushfires Biblio communities, decision making, fire
Navigating Uncertainty: community experiences of bushfire Biblio PDF icon save (556.32 KB) communities, decision making, recovery
Assessing the potential, application, and implications of volunteered geographic information in disaster risk reduction Biblio PDF icon save (7.27 MB) communities, local knowledge, volunteering
Homelessness and severe storms: a case study of the June 2016 East Coast Low Project communities, flood, severe weather
It's raining news: exploring the impact of mass-SMS on preparedness for a severe weather event Biblio PDF icon save (1.24 MB) communication, communities, warnings
Animal ownership among vulnerable populations in regional South Australia: implications for natural disaster preparedness and resilience Biblio animals, communities, vulnerability
October 2013 NSW post-incident task force Project communication, communities, warnings
Child-centred risk reduction and school safety: An evidence-based practice framework and roadmap Biblio child-centred, communities, resilience
Australian householders’ psychological preparedness for potential natural hazard threats: An exploration of contributing factors Biblio communities, emergency management, fire
Social Media, Crisis Communication and Community-led Response and Recovery: An Australian Case Study Conference Paper 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (532.41 KB) communication, communities
Participation for Disaster Resilience Biblio communities, recovery, resilience
January 2020 NSW bushfires study Project communities, fire impacts, vulnerability
Application of self-evacuation archetypes Project communities, preparedness, resilience
Child Health and Survival in a Changing Climate: Vulnerability, Mitigation, and Adaptation Biblio child-centred, communities, risk management
Predicting delay in residents’ decisions on defending v. evacuating through antecedents of decision avoidance Biblio communication, communities, preparedness
Disasters and economic resilience: the income effects of the Cyclone Oswald 2013 on small business owners Biblio PDF icon save (2.55 MB) communities, cyclone, economics
Post-disaster housing reconstruction as a means of enhancing disaster resilience of at-risk communities in India Project communities, recovery, resilience
Briefing paper: A proposed framework to assess strategies for engaging non-traditional emergency volunteers Biblio PDF icon save (1.29 MB) communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
The post disaster city: crisis politics and social change in community led earthquake recovery Biblio PDF icon save (25.5 MB) capability, communities, emergency management
On the concept of denial of natural hazard risk and its use in relation to householder wildfire safety in Australia Biblio communication, communities, warnings
2014 Parkerville WA post-incident task force Project communication, communities, decision making
Did Harvey learn from Katrina? Initial observations of the response to companion animals during Hurricane Harvey Biblio animals, communities, cyclone
Community-led bushfire preparedness in action: The case of Be Ready Warrandyte Biblio PDF icon save (834.52 KB) communities, decision making, volunteering

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