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Communities refers to groups of people living in the same place, who share particular characteristics or endeavours.

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Child-centred risk reduction and school safety: An evidence-based practice framework and roadmap Biblio child-centred, communities, resilience
Australian householders’ psychological preparedness for potential natural hazard threats: An exploration of contributing factors Biblio communities, emergency management, fire
Capturing community members' bushfire experiences: interviews with residents following the 12 January 2014 Parkerville (WA) fire Biblio PDF icon save (1.96 MB) communication, communities, decision making
It's raining news: exploring the impact of mass-SMS on preparedness for a severe weather event Biblio PDF icon save (1.24 MB) communication, communities, warnings
January 2020 NSW bushfires study Project communities, fire impacts, vulnerability
Shared responsibility - shades of grey - peer viewed Biblio PDF icon save (322.15 KB) communities, planning
Disasters and economic resilience: the income effects of the Cyclone Oswald 2013 on small business owners Biblio PDF icon save (2.55 MB) communities, cyclone, economics
Reviving people’s trust in Bamboo technology: A case-study of Orlaha settlement reconstruction in Bihar, after the 2008 Kosi floods Biblio communities, recovery, resilience
Real people, real stories- if it’s flooded forget it Biblio PDF icon save (767.2 KB) communities, emergency management, flood
Community engagement in the post-disaster landscape Project communities, recovery, resilience
Literature review on community resilience in remote north Australia Biblio PDF icon save (1.41 MB) communities, Northern Australia, resilience
Standardised search markings to include animals Biblio PDF icon save (425.36 KB) animals, communities, resilience
The post disaster city: crisis politics and social change in community led earthquake recovery Biblio PDF icon save (25.5 MB) capability, communities, emergency management
Checks and balances: A business‐oriented lens on disaster management and warnings Biblio communication, communities, warnings
The missing link in emergency management: evaluating community engagement Biblio PDF icon save (215.05 KB) communities, preparedness, resilience
An owner-driven reconstruction in Bihar Biblio communities, recovery, resilience
Community preparedness and responses to the 2017 NSW bushfires Biblio PDF icon save (561.7 KB) communities, fire, fire impacts
Building resilient communities - effective multi-channel communication in disasters: Annual project report 2015-2016 Biblio PDF icon save (1.15 MB) communication, communities, resilience
Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community risk Biblio PDF icon save (5.46 MB) communities, modelling, severe weather
Participation for Disaster Resilience Biblio communities, recovery, resilience
Building Resilient Remote Communities in Northern Australia Annual Report 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (732.25 KB) communities, indigenous communities, local knowledge
2018 Reedy Swamp fire post-incident task force Project communication, communities, warnings
Re-imagining program evaluation for community resilience outcomes Project communities, resilience, risk management
Dimensions of Risk Justice and Resilience: Mapping Urban Planning’s Role Between Individual Versus Collective Rights Biblio communities, decision making, recovery
Knowledge for life: how local knowledge is helping communities prepare Biblio communities, local knowledge, risk management
The lived experience of disadvantaged communities affected by the 2015 South Indian Floods: Implications for disaster risk reduction dialogue Biblio communities, emergency management, vulnerability
Urbanisation pressures and flood risk: Gawler River catchment and regional development Biblio PDF icon save (6.37 MB) communities, decision making, flood
Towards fire-adaptive communities in Australia Project communities, fire, resilience
Extending into community-led preparedness and planning just enough (but not too much?) Biblio communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
Australia's future national heatwave forecast and warning service: operational considerations. Biblio PDF icon save (1.17 MB) communities, fire, heat transfer
Psychological differences between south-eastern Australian householders' who intend to leave if threatened by a wildfire and those who intend to stay and defend Biblio communication, communities, warnings
Reimagining program monitoring and evaluation for disaster resilience outcomes Biblio PDF icon save (981.44 KB) communities, resilience, risk management
Into the firing line: civilian ingress during the 2013 “Red October” bushfires, Australia Biblio communication, communities, warnings
Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community impact: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (816.16 KB) communities, forecasting, severe weather
Reliability of Build Back Better at enhancing resilience of communities Biblio communities, engineering, resilience
Mapping approaches to community engagement for preparedness in Australia - final report Biblio PDF icon save (2.98 MB) communities, multi-hazard, preparedness
Too good to be true? How a remote island community developed a 100% effective risk communication strategy and what Australia can learn from it Biblio PDF icon save (424.75 KB) communication, communities, resilience
14 Dec 2013 Post fire field research News communities, resilience
11 Feb 2014 Emergency warnings under review Press Clipping communication, communities, warnings
28 Feb 2014 Preparing kids for disasters may help mobilise the whole community News communities, education, resilience

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