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Communication is the transfer of information through various verbal and written mediums between people or agencies.

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20 Mar 2015 Kirrilly Thompson awarded by ABC, UNSW News animals, communication, risk management
01 Aug 2016 Research in action: preparing kids for bushfire News child-centred, communication, fire
12 Sep 2016 Student's cyclone research is popular News communication, cyclone, severe weather
08 Mar 2017 Participants wanted for survey on animal owners’ emergency preparedness and planning News animals, communication, decision making
30 Sep 2014 Findings from the October 2013 bushfires in NSW News communication, communities, warnings
02 Jan 2016 Sampson Flat fire research findings News communication, communities, fire impacts
06 Jun 2018 Enhancing the presentation of research News communication, communities, emergency management
15 Jul 2015 Project news - Scientific diversity News communication, mitigation
18 Feb 2016 Partners get northern research update News communication, indigenous communities, recovery
10 Jun 2016 Direct engagement best for utilisation News PDF icon save (1006.2 KB) communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
21 May 2018 Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities project update News communication, indigenous communities, resilience
19 Feb 2015 Parkerville WA research findings News communication, communities, decision making
12 Aug 2016 Research contributes to CFS community engagement News communication, communities, fire
09 Jun 2015 Earthquake support in Nepal News child-centred, communication, earthquake
17 Nov 2016 National gong for researcher News communication, communities
15 Jun 2018 Strengthening the future in Queensland News communication, emergency management
12 Dec 2018 A new model for helping News communication, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
15 Dec 2017 Learning lessons from research insights: Black Saturday News communication, communities, fire
11 Apr 2019 CRC researcher heads disaster committee News communication, fire impacts
30 May 2017 Mountain waves and extreme fire behaviour News communication, fire weather, severe weather
11 Aug 2016 How resilient is Australia to disaster? News communication, emergency management, land management
02 Feb 2017 Enhancing emergency warnings News communication, decision making, warnings
29 Oct 2014 All Research to Drive Change resources accessible News communication, communities, fire
11 Mar 2015 Registrations open for annual conference News communication, emergency management
12 Dec 2018 Better warnings to ensure action News communication, communities, warnings
01 Jun 2018 Resource explores coaching and mentoring opportunities for IMTs News communication, decision making, emergency management
11 Mar 2016 Videos feature key research News communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
04 Sep 2019 Impacts of conflicting cues in emergency warnings News communication, emergency management, warnings
15 Jun 2018 Improving organisational learning and teamwork News communication, decision making, emergency management
05 Jan 2016 TFS awarded for community safety program News communication, communities, fire
13 Jun 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours for CRC researcher News communication, emergency management
27 Jun 2019 Community engagement research picks up prizes News communication, warnings
23 Jan 2015 How can communities and agencies weather the storm? News communication, communities, warnings
26 Jun 2017 Research to explore NSW bushfires News communication, communities, warnings
16 Nov 2018 New guide for decision making in a crisis News communication, decision making
16 Jul 2015 UN highlights CRC as best practice science News child-centred, communication, fire
04 Oct 2017 Flood warning research leading impact News communication, flood, warnings
15 Dec 2016 Research into leadership skills helps emergency services retain volunteers News communication, recruitment, volunteering
07 Dec 2015 Planning to make a difference in NSW News communication, planning, warnings
13 Mar 2019 Developing partnerships to inform media News communication, fire, flood

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