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Communication is the transfer of information through various verbal and written mediums between people or agencies.

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30 May 2019 National award for warnings research News communication, flood, warnings
24 Jun 2015 Student recognised with international scholarship News communication, local knowledge, volunteering
06 Jun 2018 Enhancing the presentation of research News communication, communities, emergency management
12 Mar 2020 Research briefing for European Union News climate change, communication, risk management
07 Mar 2019 Answering the call: mental health needs of first responders highlighted News communication, mental health
29 Jun 2020 Evaluating the impacts of the CRC News communication, economics, local knowledge
18 Dec 2019 Researcher acknowledged with Vice Chancellor award News communication, decision making, emergency management
11 Aug 2016 Student takes out competition News communication, cyclone, severe weather
14 May 2015 Special AJEM features CRC researchers on animals in disasters News animals, communication, emergency management
07 Nov 2016 Human factors research boosts AIIMS incident management capability News PDF icon save (502.81 KB) capability, communication, decision making
21 May 2018 Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities project update News communication, indigenous communities, resilience
24 Jul 2014 Newsletter - Managing Animals in Disasters News PDF icon save (387.93 KB) animals, communication
10 Dec 2014 Newsletter - Scientific Diversity project News communication, mitigation
12 Feb 2015 Scientific Diversity project update News communication, mitigation
12 Dec 2018 A new model for helping News communication, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
18 May 2016 Research focus in Hobart News communication, emergency management, warnings
15 Dec 2017 Learning lessons from research insights: Black Saturday News communication, communities, fire
25 Jun 2020 New online - June 2020 News communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
04 Dec 2019 Showcase natural hazards science at AFAC20 News communication, decision making, emergency management
15 Jun 2018 Strengthening the future in Queensland News communication, emergency management
09 Feb 2015 Newsletter - Communications and warnings cluster News communication, communities, decision making
20 Mar 2020 CRC research shapes media discussion News communication
09 Aug 2016 Enriching learning experiences News communication, local knowledge, volunteering
02 Feb 2017 Enhancing emergency warnings News communication, decision making, warnings
04 Sep 2019 Magazine highlights data and warnings research News communication, emergency management, fire impacts
30 May 2017 Mountain waves and extreme fire behaviour News communication, fire weather, severe weather
28 Feb 2014 Warning communities to take action News communication, communities, decision making
23 Jan 2020 Media seek research insights News communication, fire
19 Feb 2015 Capturing community bushfire readiness: Post-bushfire interview studies 2009 - 2014 News communication, communities, decision making
21 Apr 2020 New online - April 2020 News communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
12 Dec 2018 Better warnings to ensure action News communication, communities, warnings
28 Jun 2019 Is it floodwater, a wet road or just a puddle? News communication, decision making, flood
01 Oct 2019 Research guides communications with community News child-centred, communication, education
15 Oct 2015 Quick science in videos News communication, decision making, modelling
22 Jul 2020 Experiences of locals and tourists needed to improve NSW bushfire safety News communication, communities, fire
19 Mar 2020 New online - March 2020 News communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
20 Mar 2015 Kirrilly Thompson awarded by ABC, UNSW News animals, communication, risk management
20 May 2020 New Fellowship for researcher News communication, communities, warnings
01 Aug 2016 Research in action: preparing kids for bushfire News child-centred, communication, fire
24 Jul 2020 Fire, flood, storm and cyclone: applying science to the challenge News communication, communities, multi-hazard

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