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Communication is the transfer of information through various verbal and written mediums between people or agencies.

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Optimising emergency services resourcing: informing SAFECOM's capability planning Project capability, communication, emergency management
06 Jun 2016 Our communities are central to our communication Blog communication, communities, emergency management
Overcoming Ambiguity: Conflict Between Emergency Warning Messages and Socio-Environmental Cues Biblio communication, emergency management, warnings
19 Feb 2015 Parkerville WA research findings News communication, communities, decision making
08 Mar 2017 Participants wanted for survey on animal owners’ emergency preparedness and planning News animals, communication, decision making
18 Feb 2016 Partners get northern research update News communication, indigenous communities, recovery
07 Dec 2015 Planning to make a difference in NSW News communication, planning, warnings
30 Aug 2014 Predicting community behavior to disasters to be presented at Emergency Services conference in New Zealand Press Clipping communication, communities
Predicting delay in residents’ decisions on defending v. evacuating through antecedents of decision avoidance Biblio communication, communities, preparedness
Predicting risk-mitigating behaviors from indecisiveness and trait-anxiety: two cognitive pathways to task avoidance Biblio communication, communities, preparedness
Predictors of south-eastern Australian householders’ strengths of intentions to self-evacuate if a wildfire threatens: two theoretical models Biblio communication, communities, warnings
Preparing for the big one: Disaster risk reduction for morbid obesity Project communication, risk management
27 May 2020 Prescribed burning in focus Blog communication, prescribed burning, recovery
Preventing flood related fatalities: a focus on people driving through floodwater Biblio PDF icon save (265.2 KB) communication, flood, warnings
15 Jul 2015 Project news - Scientific diversity News communication, mitigation
Promoting Child Resilience to Disasters: Policy, Practice, Research Conference Paper 2014 Biblio PDF icon save (583.64 KB) child-centred, communication, risk management
Psychological differences between south-eastern Australian householders' who intend to leave if threatened by a wildfire and those who intend to stay and defend Biblio communication, communities, warnings
21 May 2020 Psychological Safety Checklist Resource PDF icon save (151.59 KB) communication, decision making, emergency management
Public information in the emergency services - literature review Biblio PDF icon save (788.53 KB) communication, emergency management
11 Apr 2016 Public response to fire management across countries: more similarities than differences Resource PDF icon save (1.09 MB) communication, communities, fire
30 Apr 2020 Public survey of driving and recreating in floodwater - practice brief four April 2020 Resource PDF icon save (948.94 KB) communication, flood, warnings
27 Aug 2019 Pyrocumulonimbus Firepower Threshold: A pyroCb prediction tool. Resource PDF icon save (1.66 MB) communication, fire weather
QFES Strategy 2030 Project capability, communication, decision making
13 Jun 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours for CRC researcher News communication, emergency management
15 Oct 2015 Quick science in videos News communication, decision making, modelling
19 Mar 2020 Quite a start to the year Blog communication, recovery
20 Mar 2020 Quite a start to the year Resource communication, communities, recovery
10 Jun 2020 Recognition for Excellence in Research at EMPA conference 2020 Resource File save (0 bytes) communication, emergency management, warnings
17 May 2016 Reflections on a student placement with the Bushfire-Ready Neighbourhoods team at Tasmania Fire Service Blog communication, communities, fire
11 Mar 2015 Registrations open for annual conference News communication, emergency management
07 Dec 2015 Research a key focus for magazine News communication, fire weather, indigenous communities
20 Mar 2019 Research and innovation leader appointed Chair Resource communication, fire, multi-hazard
12 Mar 2020 Research briefing for European Union News climate change, communication, risk management
12 Aug 2016 Research contributes to CFS community engagement News communication, communities, fire
28 Jan 2021 Research driven by real world needs Resource communication, local knowledge, organisational
21 Jan 2021 Research driven by real world needs News communication, organisational
18 May 2016 Research focus in Hobart News communication, emergency management, warnings
05 Sep 2017 Research Forum - AFAC17 Resource File save (0 bytes) communication, emergency management, multi-hazard
01 Oct 2019 Research guides communications with community News child-centred, communication, education
01 Aug 2016 Research in action: preparing kids for bushfire News child-centred, communication, fire

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