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Communication is the transfer of information through various verbal and written mediums between people or agencies.

Date Itemsort descending Type Key Topics
Web 2.0 in disaster and emergency: a risk assessment of tortious liability Project communication, emergency management, risk analysis
What do we really mean by ‘floodwater’ and is it ever ok to enter? Biblio communication, decision making, flood
What human capacity demands should inform the development and appointment of an emergency manager? Project communication, emergency management
29 Jun 2017 What is missing in disaster resilience education evaluations? Resource PDF icon save (1.03 MB) communication, education, resilience
30 Apr 2020 When is water on the roads dangerous? - practice brief three April 2020 Resource PDF icon save (1.56 MB) communication, flood, warnings
16 Nov 2020 When is water on the roads dangerous? – Perspectives of emergency service professionals Resource File save (0 bytes) communication, flood, warnings
04 Mar 2015 When storms strike suddenly – supercell research Blog communication, forecasting, severe weather
30 May 2017 Where, why and how are Australians dying in floods? News communication, education, flood
30 Aug 2016 Why don’t people think like we think? - Craig Cormick Resource PDF icon save (2.72 MB) communication, communities, multi-hazard
11 Dec 2015 Word from the disaster supermarket Blog communication, emergency management
21 Dec 2020 Would you drive into floodwater? News communication, flood, warnings
12 Oct 2020 Your voice needed for NSW bushfires research survey News communication, communities, fire
“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” Defining the Preparatory Conditions in Support of Active Defence for Different Fire Danger Ratings Biblio communication, fire

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