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Child-centred gives priority to the interests and needs of children.

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19 Sep 2018 Disaster awareness among Sri Lankan School children Resource PDF icon save (474.71 KB) child-centred, education
19 Sep 2018 Three notable contributions at AFAC18 News animals, child-centred, communities
19 Sep 2018 Engaging early childhood education and care to support optimal early child development following a natural hazards Resource PDF icon save (2.45 MB) child-centred, education
19 Sep 2018 Child-centred teacher-facilitated disaster resilience education program Resource PDF icon save (2.68 MB) child-centred, education
19 Oct 2018 Research increasing preparedness News child-centred, indigenous communities, resilience
19 Oct 2018 Global focus on young people in disaster News child-centred, resilience
09 Nov 2018 Experience drives research passion for student News child-centred, flood, resilience
12 Dec 2018 School-based education for disaster risk reduction News child-centred, education, resilience
21 Jan 2019 Quiet achievers recognised for research impacts News child-centred, education, volunteering
08 Mar 2019 Avianto Amri - early career researcher entry 2019 Resource File save (0 bytes) child-centred, education, resilience
09 Apr 2019 Communication key for students News child-centred, cyclone, fire
13 May 2019 Children as agents of change in disaster preparedness News child-centred, communities, education
19 Jul 2019 Winning at disaster preparedness News child-centred, diversity and inclusion, preparedness
25 Jul 2019 Science central to bushfire review Resource child-centred, fire, governance
27 Aug 2019 Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Education Developing a National Framework for Implementation Resource PDF icon save (527.41 KB) child-centred, risk management
27 Aug 2019 School-based bushfire education Advancing teaching and learning for risk reduction and resilience Resource PDF icon save (3.62 MB) child-centred
04 Sep 2019 New school: a modern approach to disaster risk reduction and resilience education for children Blog child-centred, education
24 Sep 2019 Child-centered Disaster Risk Reduction Resource PDF icon save (3.32 MB) child-centred
24 Sep 2019 Australian Fire Danger Ratings System Social Research Project Resource PDF icon save (3.83 MB) child-centred, risk management
24 Sep 2019 Communications, Community Engagement and Recovery Resource PDF icon save (3.75 MB) child-centred, risk management
01 Oct 2019 Research guides communications with community News child-centred, communication, education
03 Feb 2020 Bushfire education is too abstract. We need to get children into the real world Blog child-centred, education, fire impacts
15 May 2020 Special AJEM issue features research on children and disaster preparedness News child-centred, emergency management, preparedness

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