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Sue Hunt Research Leader

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Kirsten Jenkins End-User
Andrew Marshall End-User
Lisa Keedle End-User
Angela Draper End-User

This project was commissioned and funded entirely by Yarra Ranges, Maroondah City and Knox City Councils.

Maroondah City Council, Knox City Council and Yarra Ranges Council form a tri-party eastern partnerships cluster. An important aspect of this cluster partnership is to facilitate knowledge exchange and better linkages regarding emergency, relief and recovery arrangements as well as resilience activities, supporting a learning and continuous improvement environment for the Councils.

An important aspect of this project is gaining a better understanding of how local governments within Victoria are implementing Emergency Management Victoria's (EMV) Community Resilience Framework for Emergency Management (2017). 

The project objectives include:

  • to gain an understanding of the two city councils' current policies, strategies and network and the extent to which these are consistent with community resilience
  • to map/evaluate these activities against key elements of EMV's Community Resilience Framework for Emergency Management (2017)
  • to identify where current policies align with key elements of the EMV Framework
  • to identify where there are gaps and opportunities for council policies to better support community resilience, including through potential partnerships and synergies.