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This project was commissioned and funded entirely by Energy Networks Australia.

Providers of critical infrastructure, such as electricity, are now considering how their investment in mitigation is currently delivering benefit to their customers and the community. Events like the 2016 state-wide blackout of South Australia highlight the requirement and role that energy providers have in ensuring the safety and resilience of bushfire prone communities.

This project will work with six organisations from Energy Networks Australia (ENA) to create a standardised approach for assessing the cost of catastrophic bushfires that involve powerlines. The project will use the Phoenix Rapidfire as a modelling device and use those outputs to estimate losses before analysing the intangible economic outputs of the disaster.

The project will aim to create an analysis of the real costs associated with catastrophic bushfires and set a precedence for other network providers.

Year Type Citation
2019 Journal Article Florec, V., Burton, M., Pannell, D. J., Kelso, J. & Milne, G. J. Where to prescribe burn: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning close to houses. International Journal of Wildland Fire (2019). doi: