Research leader

A/Prof Kim Johnston Research Leader

Research team

Prof Maureen Taylor Research Team
Dr Barbara Ryan Research Team

End User representatives

David Webber End-User
Troy Davies End-User
Nicola Moore End-User
Sarah Dean End-User
Matt Pinder End-User
Sioux Campbell End-User

This project is helping emergency management agencies better prepare communities for emergencies. The project tested a community engagement framework for emergency preparation that will guide and support community engagement activities that will be conducted by agencies.

This project considers the more immediate need for community engagement by emergency end-user/agencies for preparedness, which occurs annually, rather than for resilience, which is longer term and involves cross-government involvement including from outside the emergency management sphere.

Read the final report here.

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27 Aug 2019
Map preparedness community engagement approaches by Australian agencies and organisations
31 Aug 2020
Key findings: Building capacity to prepare: A generative model of community engagement for preparedness