Research leader

Dr Kim Johnston Research Leader

Research team

Maureen Taylor Research Team
Barbara Ryan Research Team

This Tactical Research Fund project will help emergency management agencies better prepare communities for emergencies. The project will test a community engagement framework for emergency preparation that will guide and support community engagement activities that will be conducted by agencies.

The project will develop:

1. An index of the core community competencies for preparedness.

2. A new framework of community engagement for emergency preparation.

3. A method of facilitating implementation and evaluation in a range of community contexts.

4. A prioritised list of household preparedness activities that can be central to community engagement messages.

5. Guidelines for developing networks to facilitate and sustain relationship-based community engagement.

Workshops will be held with project end-users to facilitate implementation of the framework, and ensure knowledge and skills transfer.

The long-term benefits of this project will be a continuous improvement model of community engagement for preparedness, where evaluation is used to improve the approach of each agency for the following year’s preparation.