Research leader

A/Prof Akhilesh Surjan Research Leader

Research team

Dr Deepika Matur Research Team
Dr Jonatan Lassa Research Team

Cyclone Marcus devastated large parts of Darwin on 17 March 2018. 26,000 homes were left without power, roads became inaccessible and water supply lines were destroyed after the Category two cyclone swept across the Northern Territory and surrounding region. Debris of the Cyclone was spread all over greater Darwin and residents were seen to be queuing up for hours at green waste disposal facilities to begin the clean-up.

This project was completed with the support of the CRC's funding for quick response. It is investigating disaster waste management in Darwin and how residents can efficiently gather waste and begin the clean-up process in a timely manner after a disaster occurs.

  • Researchers will collect primary data of waste which is collected at the Shoal Bay Waste Management Facility.
  • A survey and estimation of the waste will be completed.
  • Visual and photographic surveys will be conducted on parks, schools, selected public facilities and some residential and commercial areas to discover the types of waste generated.
  • Data will be collected on the volumes of green waste from the weigh bridge at the landfill.

The data from the research will inform practice and prepare for a researcher for longer projects on disaster waste management.