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Andrew Gissing Research Leader

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Dr Matalena Tofa Research Team

This project was completed with the support of the CRC's funding for quick response. During January and February 2017 there were three distinct periods of severe or extreme heat that affected eastern Australia. This study explores the impacts of the heatwaves in January 2017 on residents in the northern rivers region of New South Wales (NSW). In this heatwave, daily maximum temperatures above 35°C were recorded in many sites, with temperatures in some parts of NSW and Queensland exceeding 40°C. Relatively little is known about the impacts of heatwaves on residents, or how heatwave warnings are used, what preparedness or protective actions are taken, and what information residents would like to receive in warnings. This research draws on the experiences of affected residents in the northern rivers region of NSW to support the development of effective warnings and public information about heatwaves, and focuses on 1) the impacts of heatwaves experienced by residents; 2) how warnings are received and understood; and 3) preparedness and protective actions taken to reduce the impacts of the heatwave.

Read the final report from this study here.