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Dr Owen Price Research Leader

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Heather Simpson Research Team

This research project will investigate how future research into aerial firefighting could be conducted. The immediate need is to evaluate the data available and determine if it can be reliably supplemented with intelligence from fire management personnel. This project will be a starting point for the response to the NSW Bushfire Inquiry Recommendation 3 including “evaluation of the cost and effectiveness of risk mitigation efforts, including hazard reduction, and fire suppression activities so we have a better understanding of what works” and the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements Recommendation 8.2 Research and evaluation into aerial firefighting - Australian, state and territory governments should support ongoing research and evaluation into aerial firefighting.

By reviewing aerial asset data supplemented with interview information from incident management team members, this project aims to develop a methodology for validating aerial tracking data, identify the confidence of improved aerial tracking dataand presenpreliminary findings for the effectiveness of a suppression tactic for a case study fire.