Student researcher

Kate Akers Research Leader

This student project will increase knowledge through the coproduction of mitigation solutions with the public. It intends to address any challenges for specific communities or populations in accessing or understanding information in emergency management.

It also aims to address the public’s needs and expectation for information and assess how that information can contribute to enhanced community resilience.

Key outputs from the project will include:

  • An assessment of the public’s understanding and relationship to hazards in their region, including risk perception surveys
  • A review of the current resources and processes for communicating hazard information to the public
  • Evaluating the public’s understanding and interpretation of these diverse information resources, and their availability to different sectors within the public
  • Creating a mitigation and communication toolkit
  • New education approaches and materials produced through a schools and research partnership.
  • Creation of a web portal, including social media and mobile device integration

The project aims to bring greater understanding of the diverse and evolving needs within the public for hazard information.

27 Sep 2019
The project will be assessing the relationship that people have with natural hazards in their region by...