Student researcher

Emma Singh
Dr Emma Singh Research Leader

Lifeline networks are the infrastructure and critical services needed for everyday life. Lifeline network failure has wide reaching impacts on residents, businesses, other critical services and, in a disaster, rescue and recovery. Currently there is limited research on the impact natural hazard events have on these systems and the flow on effects from their failure. To estimate the true impact of lifeline network disruption during a disaster, this study is developing a better understanding of network behaviour, interconnectedness and exposure to potential natural hazards.

Research questions being investigated include:

  • What portion of contingent business interruption loss is caused by the failure of lifeline network infrastructure and is this loss currently insured?
  • Can the interconnectedness of networks lead to a cascade of failures? 
  • What influences network recovery and how long can it take to rebuild?
  • How long can the impacts of a natural hazard event last and what is the cost of long term network disruption?
  • What scenarios could generate a potential catastrophic disruption in the future?
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To understand how components of our built environment and society will fare during a disaster, knowledge is...
Emma Singh Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
Can graph theory techniques help with emergency response and optimal lifeline network recovery?
Disruption of critical infrastructure during natural disasters
29 Jun 2017
Can graph theory techniques help with emergency response and optimal lifeline network recovery?
Modelling the impact of lifeline infrastructure failure during natural hazard events
18 Sep 2018
How prepared are we for extensive lifeline failure, and can graph theory aid in disaster mitigation?