Dr Veronique Florec

Dr Veronique Florec

Veronique’s research explores the economics of prescribed burning and which fire regime is best for which area.  She will develop an economic model of prescribed burning that could subsequently analyse the cost and benefits of different fire management options and the economic value of species conservation and biodiversity.

This analysis incorporates biological information related to bushfires and fire regimes such as how the flora and fauna respond to different prescribed burning regimes, how the biota is affected by the spatial and temporal arrangement of fires and the effects of prescribed burning on reducing bushfire risk. This information will be integrated into an economic framework which will appraise bushfire impacts on communities, the environment and the economy.

Veronique completed her CRC PhD in July 2016, and now leads the CRC project on economics of natural hazards.

Project leadership

The 2015 Productivity Commission’s report on natural disaster funding arrangements in Australia found that governments overinvest in post-disaster reconstruction and underinvest in mitigation activities that would limit the impact of natural disasters. Given the multitude of natural hazards that require mitigation and response from government agencies and the tighter budgets at both state and national levels, natural hazards managers are increasingly under pressure to justify the use and allocation of resources for mitigation efforts.
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This PhD began at the Bushfire CRC and was completed in July 2016. It developed an economic model for evaluating different prescribed burning strategies. The model incorporates both biological information related to bushfires and fire regimes, as well as economic information about prescribed burning, suppression, and potential bushfire damages. The model uses the Australis wildfire simulator to simulate the spread of fires under different prescribed burning scenarios. The project has informed decision-makers on the costs and benefits of different prescribed burning strategies, the return on their investment, and the trade-offs between different options.
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Commissioned Research Quantifying catastrophic bushfire consequence vflorec, Kate Parkins, bcirulis
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Veronique Florec Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
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18 Aug 2015
How can we get the best value for money from public investments in natural hazard management? This...
Economic Analysis of Prescribed Burning for Wildfire Management in the South West of Western Australia
18 Aug 2015
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