Simeon Telfer

Simeon Telfer

Simeon has worked in Fire Management with National Parks and Wildlife in SA for nearly 10 years. He specialises in fire behaviour analysis and has been deployed to major fires most states and territories of Australia and to British Columbia, Canada. Simeon has delivered training in meteorology and fire prediction to fire behaviour analysts around Australia. He is a key end-user for several CRC projects, particularly those focussing on fire behaviour and using remote sensing to improve our understanding of bushfires. 

Lead end user

This project uses cutting-edge technology and imagery to produce spatial information on fire hazard and impacts needed by planners, land managers and emergency services to manage fire at landscape scales. The team works closely with agencies to better understand their procedures and information needs, comparing these with the spatial data and mapping methods that are readily available, and developing the next generation of mapping technologies to help them prepare and respond to bushfires.
Research team:
This project seeks to optimise the use of earth observing systems for active fire monitoring by exploring issues of scale, accuracy and reliability, and to improve the mapping and estimation of post-fire severity and fuel change through empirical remote sensing observations. Outcomes will enable satellite measures of fire activity to be made, which in turn have the potential to inform or support efforts in bushfire response planning and fire rehabilitation efforts. A particular focus is on the analysis of data obtained from Himawari-8, which is able to provide updated imagery on a 10 minute basis.

Resources credited

Type Released Titlesort descending Download Key Topics
Presentation-Slideshow 07 Jul 2017 Building bushfire predictive services capability PDF icon Save (9.97 MB) fire, fire weather, modelling
Presentation-Slideshow 18 Sep 2018 Experiences in the in-field utilisation of Fuels3D PDF icon Save (2.49 MB) fire, fire severity, modelling

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