Prof Simon Jones

Prof Simon Jones
Simon Jones is Professor of Remote Sensing and the Director of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Research Centre at RMIT University.

His research interests include:
  • Biophysical remote sensing of terrestrial environments
  • In situ observations (including spectral-radiometry)
  • Scaling ground observations to the image and landscape level
  • Spatial data uncertainty

Project leadership

This project seeks to optimise the use of earth observing systems for active fire monitoring by exploring issues of scale, accuracy and reliability, and to improve the mapping and estimation of post-fire severity and fuel change through empirical remote sensing observations. Outcomes will enable satellite measures of fire activity to be made, which in turn have the potential to inform or support efforts in bushfire response planning and fire rehabilitation efforts. A particular focus is on the analysis of data obtained from Himawari-8, which is able to provide updated imagery on a 10 minute basis.
Disaster landscape Attribution: Attributing Active Fire Using Simulated Fire Landscapes
18 Aug 2015
Active fires are inscreasingly being identified using satellite remote sensing to determine their...
Disaster landscape attribution: Thermal anomaly and hazard mapping
25 Aug 2014
This project seeks to (1) optimize the use of earth observing systems for active fire monitoring by...

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