Dr Roozbeh Hasanzadeh Nafari

PhD student
Dr Roozbeh Hasanzadeh Nafari

Dr Roozbeh Hasanzadeh Nafari completed his PhD in 2018 on flood damage assessment in urban areas. Roozbeh’s research developed a validated flood damage assessment framework for Australia using historical data collected in mutiple natural hazards to inform disaster management policy in support of the development of risk reduction measures. His research addressed known issues and knowledge gaps around the lack of empirical data in Australia to calibrate damage models. Roozbeth’s findings are a significant contribution to the flood damage assessment process by providing the input data for subsequent damage reduction, vulnerability mitigation and disaster risk reduction.

Roozbeh is now the technical lead of Flood Hydrology and Hydraulics at Arup.

His thesis is available here.

Student project

This research focuses on quantifying the flood risks and performing a flood damage assessment as a case study within Australia. With this knowledge, mitigation of the risks can occur in preparation for possible flood scenarios. In the event of an actual flood, initial response can be based on the estimations of the consequences, which can be updated in real time from available information. The outcome of this research will be important for disaster management decision makers as it will provide them with a tool for assisting the development and implementation of an appropriate policy for flood risk mitigation pre-disaster. This research project proposes to develop and perform the flood damage assessment module of this project. Flood damage assessment could be considered as an important part of PRE-ELEM project because firstly, one of the largest portions of natural disaster cost is related to flood events (Munich Re, 2005) and secondly, Australian common models (e.g. RAM and ANUFLOOD) may lead to considerable inaccuracy and underestimation in flood damage assessment (Barton et al., 2003). Consequently, due to the considerable role of flood phenomena compared to other natural hazards in risk management and the stage of achievements in the context of flood damage assessment in Australia, an accurate estimation of flood consequences could play a prominent role for PRE-ELEM project.
Supervisory panel:
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