A/Prof Patrick Dunlop

A/Prof Patrick Dunlop

Patrick is an organisational psychologist and his expertise lies in understanding how we all differ from one another and how those differences play out in organisational settings. Patrick is very interested in researching how the messages we send when we try to recruit new members to different groups are received by different people. He is keen to apply this research to improve volunteering recruitment practice and is currently researching volunteer recruitment within Scouts.

Project leadership

This project had two parts: Emergency volunteering 2030, led by Dr Blythe McLennan, and Changing management practice, led by Dr Patrick Dunlop.The goal of this researcg was to improve the long-term sustainability of the volunteer workforce, and better engage the potential of volunteering to build disaster resilience in Australian communities.
31 Aug 2020
Key findlings: Managing expectations and satisfying psychological needs are critical to the...
When joining is not enough: Profiles of emergency services volunteers and the intention to remain
18 Sep 2018
In this study, we examined how meeting the initial expectations of new volunteers when they join an...

Resources credited

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