Nicolas Borchers Arriagada

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Nicolas Borchers Arriagada

Nicolas is a PhD Candidate in Medical Sciences at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research from the University of Tasmania. His research interests involve the application of engineering-type tools, economics, and modeling to policy-related environmental and energy problems. He will introduce health impact assessment and health economics into the assessment of wildfire risk reduction strategies.

Nicolas is an environmental and sustainability professional with more than ten years of working experience in the analysis of environmental and energy regulations, creation of computational models to solve multiple engineering problems, analysis of environmental information, generation of environmental indicators, use of various computing tools for data analysis and management, among others. His main areas of expertise include: Air quality and human health impacts; environmental management instruments in the Chilean context; climate change mitigation; sustainability; environmental regulations; information systems; business intelligence; decision-support systems.

Student project

This project combines research and practice from diverse areas with the purpose of developing an integrated assessment framework that will allow practitioners to objectively evaluate the impacts that wildfire risk reduction strategies impose on society and the environment. Of interest are the correct identification, quantification and valuation of health impacts produced by fine particulate matter emissions from fire smoke.
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