Dr Nazmul Khan

Dr Nazmul Khan

Dr Nazmul Khan is a postdoctoral research fellow at Victoria University's Institute of Sustainable Industries and Liveable Cities (ISILC). He received his PhD from the University of Sydney in “Sparse Lagrangian MMC-LES combustion modelling of liquid sprays”. He has developed a new Lagrangian particle based liquid phase model in multiphase combustion modelling of sprays in OpenFOAM. He has experienced in developing mathematical modelling for the real world engineering applications in finite difference, finite element and finite volume methods. Dr Khan’s research background is flourished in the field of numerical simulation for code modifications, writing new source code, post processing and developing numerical model. He has a strong background in Linux OS and customising hardware and software for simulation in HPC and Cloud services. Dr Khan’s research and teaching interests are in fluid mechanics, thermal engineering, heat and mass transfer, combustion and chemical kinetics and the related fields of Mechanical engineering. Dr Khan’s current research includes a flow through forest canopies with varying atmospheric stability, a flow through homogeneous canopies with non-uniform terrains, and a parametric study of heat load on structure in bushfire prone areas.

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