Mona (Fatemeh) Ziaeyan Bahri

Associate student
Mona (Fatemeh) Ziaeyan Bahri

Dr Mona Bahri completed her Bachelor of Science majoring in physics in 2001 from Razi University. She then conducted research on educational policy to help to improve the system of education in her home country of Iran.

She has also obtained her Masters in Physical Oceanography in 2009 before moving to Germany, where she worked in climate change focused research groups between 2011 and 2013. She completed her PhD in 2018 at the University of New South Wales researching environmental data sets, particularly those relating to natural hazards.

Student project

My research focuses on the subject of time series analysis and its application to environmental data sets, particularly those relating to natural hazards. Specifically, my research involves methods of time series analysis that are applicable to non-stationary and nonlinear data.  Such methods have advantages over classical time series analysis methods, such as Fourier or wavelet analysis, due to their more adaptable nature and their ability to provide more physically meaningful results.

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