Luke Roberts

Luke Roberts

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Position for a new disaster risk modelling researcher:

The University of Adelaide has a post-doctoral research position open for this team and is seeking a candidate for a two year research position on disaster risk modelling and mitigation within the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering, with a primary focus on long-term bushfire risk reduction. Find the position description and more information on the University of Adelaide careers page. Applications close 30 August 2020.


What if an earthquake hit central Adelaide? A major flood on the Yarra River through Melbourne? A bushfire on the slopes of Mount Wellington over Hobart?

‘What if?’ scenario modelling through this project is helping government, planning authorities and emergency service agencies think through the costs and consequences of various options on preparing for major disasters on their infrastructure and natural environments and how these might change into the future.

The research is based on the premise that to reduce both the risk and cost of natural disasters, an integrated approach is needed to consider multiple hazards and a range of mitigation options.

This project was commissioned and funded entirely by the Tasmanian State Government.
Research team:
This new project commenced in July 2017, and aims to produce new and innovative ways of integrating urban planning and natural hazard risk management. It will increase the understanding of what planning and emergency management can and cannot do, separately and in synergy, and develop new approaches to applying tools and methods available to planning systems to the design and management of communities as they change.

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