Kim Robinson

PhD student
Kim Robinson

Kim has worked in the consulting industry with a focus on short term flood forecasting for local, national and international clients. Through his work in developing flood forecasting system for clients such as Hydro Tasmania and TasWater Kim has developed a sound understanding of the current industry standards, areas of ongoing research, and existing knowledge gaps. He is passionate about furthering flood forecasting techniques in Australia which he aims to explore in his project. 

Kim has completed his Bachelor of Geomatics at the University of Tasmania and is currently completing his PhD in flash flood forecasting.

Student project

Significant proportions of Australia’s population live in flash flood-prone areas within short duration catchments. The production of rain fields data products by the Bureau of Meteorology and recent advances in 2D hydrodynamic modelling, in conjunction with applied communications theory and practice, provide an opportunity to develop a short response catchment flood modelling and warning capability that delivers life-saving, accessible, timely, targeted and tailored warnings for flash flooding events.
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