James Ricketts

Dr James Ricketts

Completed associate student
Dr James Ricketts

Dr James Ricketts’ PhD identified and related episodes of apparent abrupt shifts in regional climate in Australia. His research extends this methodology to global datasets and to modelled futures to better inform risk assessments. James automated testing for step changes, delineating a suite of statistical tests for exploring individual step changes and applying these to global temperature, zonal land and ocean records, as well as to climate model equivalents. James’s analysis was then applied to two-degree grid scale observations and model outputs that are suited to a wide range of physical and biophysical models.

James has written two conference papers as part of the International Congress on Modelling and Simulation in 2015 and 2017. He now works as a research scholar at Victoria University’s Institute of Strategic Economic Studies.

His thesis is available here

Student project

This project is identifying and relating episodes of apparent abrupt shifts in regional climate in Australia. It will extend methodology to global datasets, and to modelled futures, better informing risk assessments.
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