Joji Abraham

Dr Joji Abraham

Completed associate student
Dr Joji Abraham

Dr Joji Abraham, a geologist by profession, has more than 15 years of working experience in the area of hydrogeology and geophysics in research, teaching and consulting in overseas. He completed his PhD in 2017 on fire and heavy metals, specifically dealing with how wild and controlled fires transform un-rehabilitated mining waste.

He has worked as a consultant for a United Nations project in Kuwait about the impacts of the Iraqi invasion on the environmental resources of Kuwait.

Student project

Soil chemical properties before and after fire have been studied in a number of environments, but little research has conducted in areas with heavy metal concentrations, especially in mining-affected areas such as western Victoria. This research aimed to identify the importance of soil and water characterisation in association with controlled and wild bush fires in terms of arsenic and other heavy metals and consider the associated risks in terms of ecotoxicological effects, both locally and downstream.
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