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Heather Simpson

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This project is providing empirical measures and modelling of resources that are used for suppression of campaign fires. The research is examining historical data by evaluating recent campaign fires in Australia. Operational data is being used to generate models of current suppression resourcing and tactics. These models will be used to evaluate various resource scenarios in simulation studies.
Supervisory panel:
Deconstructing Suppression Efforts on Large Bushfires
19 Sep 2018
Large bushfires (over 500ha) account for a disproportionate amount of both hectares burned and...
Productivity of firefighting resources on large bushfires
29 Jun 2017
This project will seek to answer the following questions:What are the productivity rates of...
Heather Simpson Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
This project strives to determine what effect suppression operations have on large fires.
Owen Price Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
To describe the actual and potential costs and benefits of bushfire preparedness and response...
Cost Effective Suppression on Campaign Fires
18 Aug 2015
This project seeks to determine what type and level of suppression resources are required for...

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Presentation-Slideshow 31 Oct 2017 Three Minute Thesis: The burning question PDF icon Save (97.66 KB) emergency management, fire, response
07 Jul 2015 Heather Simpson PhD Progress Report 2015 PDF icon Save (60.22 KB)

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