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Dr Emma Singh

Completed PhD student
Dr Emma Singh

Dr Emma Singh completed her PhD in January 2019 after looking at disruption to lifeline networks from prolonged and complex natural hazard events. Emma joined the team at Risk Frontiers as a research assistant in 2011 after finishing her MSc in Earth Science at Massey University, New Zealand, which investiagted the possible impacts of volcanic debris avalanches at Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand.

She is particularly interested in natural hazards and their impacts on people and the environment. 

Upon receiving her PhD, Dr Singh leactured in natural hazards science at Kingston University in London, England. She is now a Catastrophe and Climate Risk Consultant at Willis Towers Watson in London.

Student project

Lifeline networks are the infrastructure and critical services needed for everyday life. Lifeline network failure has wide reaching impacts on residents, businesses, other critical services and, in a disaster, rescue and recovery. Currently there is limited research on the impact natural hazard events have on these systems and the flow on effects from their failure. To estimate the true impact of lifeline network disruption during a disaster, this study is developing a better understanding of network behaviour, interconnectedness and exposure to potential natural hazards.

Supervisory panel:
Modelling the impact of lifeline infrastructure failure during natural hazard events
18 Sep 2018
How prepared are we for extensive lifeline failure, and can graph theory aid in disaster mitigation?
Disruption of critical infrastructure during natural disasters
29 Jun 2017
Can graph theory techniques help with emergency response and optimal lifeline network recovery?
Emma Singh Conference Poster 2016
12 Aug 2016
Can graph theory techniques help with emergency response and optimal lifeline network recovery?
Disruption of Critical Infrastructure during National Disasters
18 Aug 2015
To understand how components of our built environment and society will fare during a disaster,...
Disruption of critical infrastructure during prolonged natural disasters
25 Aug 2014
The project aims to qualify and quantify the impacts of prolonged and multi-hazard natural hazard...

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