Dr Alexander Filkov

Dr Alexander Filkov

Dr. Alexander I. Filkov received his PhD in Ecology (Physical and Mathematical Sciences) from Tomsk State University, Russia. His previous work has been focused on development of a new deterministic and probabilistic model to predict forest, grass, and peat fire hazards; understanding thermal properties and smouldering of peat; field and laboratory investigation of forest and grass fires and their impact on structures; understanding influence of radiation on ignition of different materials; and conducting prescribed burning experiments and studying spotting mechanisms.

Dr Filkov’s main interest is in fundamental aspects of ignition and combustion. He collaborates with researchers around the globe to understand the behaviour of fire and firebrands, the performance of materials, and the properties of fuels, through experiments in the laboratory and in the field. He is currently working on uncovering of mechanisms what drive dynamic fire behaviour in wildfires using emerging technologies.

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CRC Core Project Threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour afilkov, jsharples

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