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Avianto Amri

June 2015 update

Avianto Amri has been deployed to Nepal for one month to support the earthquake relief operations of Plan International following the recent earthquakes in April and May

Avianto, who is a former employee of Plan International, will be taking on the role of Deputy Emergency Response Manager for Field Implementation and will be primarily based in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu. His task is to oversee the implementation of the response program and provide guidance to field managers and their teams in Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk, Sindhuli and other areas.

Avianto's PhD is aligned with the Child Centred Disaster Risk Reduction CRC project and this posting is also a great opportunity to reinforce his postgraduate studies. While thereAvianto will be documenting, through participant observation and informal interview, the challenges and opportunities faced by non-government organisations and local government, as they work with and for children, in the response and recovery phase.

Student project

This project aims to develop and apply a set of tools that enable parents to engage with their children in a meaningful discussion on household disaster preparedness planning, by using participatory processes.
Supervisory panel:
Disaster risk reduction education policies and practices in Indonesia: Bridging the research-practice gaps
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Risk Reduction and Resilience Education: Recommendations for Scaling Up. Views from Indonesia
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An Evidence-Based Practice Framework for Children's Disaster Education
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A cross cultural investigation of child-centred disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in Indonesia and Australia
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