Year Type Citation
2020 Report Bates, J. East Coast Low extreme weather scenario. (Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, 2020).
2020 Report Bates, J. Cascading extreme weather beyond our experience: are we ready?. (Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, 2020).
Type Title Credited author Credited author/s NON-CRC
Presentation-Slideshow Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Analytics for Smarter and Safer Cities Damminda Alahakoon
Presentation-Slideshow Communication, education and behaviour: examples of New Zealand research efforts djohnston
Presentation-Slideshow The Importance of Resilience Measurement Ellie Kay
Presentation-Slideshow Optimising post disaster - recovery interventions in Australia fbeaini
Presentation-Slideshow Forecasting the Impacts of Severe Weather: How does our work reduce the impacts of natural disasters? hrichter
Presentation-Slideshow UNHaRMED hmaier
Presentation-Slideshow Making better forecasts jkepert
Presentation-Slideshow Making a Case for Risk- Informed Sustainable Development Animesh Kumar
Presentation-Slideshow How Do We Prepare for the Future? mcrosweller
Presentation-Slideshow The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: A profile of Australia’s disaster resilience mparsons
Presentation-Slideshow Sleep and stress in on-call fire and emergency service workers sferguson
Presentation-Slideshow Interactions between climate, vegetation and fuel tduff
Presentation-Slideshow Lifeline and Critical Infrastructure Research: What resonated with me Andrew Buay
Presentation-Slideshow Communication challenges in complex events vtippett
Presentation-Slideshow Why risk ownership is important cyoung
Presentation-Slideshow Getting the most value from extreme weather forecasts bebert
Presentation-Slideshow Non - Technical Skills cbearman
Presentation-Slideshow National Disaster Resilience Strategy Jo Horrocks
Presentation-Audio-Video 12th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference - Impact and Outcomes
Presentation-Audio-Video Recap of the 12th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference
Guide-Fact Sheet 12th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference - Program

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