Type Title Credited author Credited author/s NON-CRC
Presentation-Slideshow Enhancing resilience of critical road structures hmohseni
Presentation-Slideshow Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community impact jkepert, ktory, dzovkorajak, wthurston
Presentation-Slideshow Mitigating the effect of severe fires, floods and heatwaves through improvements to land dryness measures and forecasts vinodkumar, idharssi, pfoxhughes
Presentation-Slideshow Three Minute Thesis: bridge failure under flood loading mnasim
Presentation-Slideshow Coupled fire-atmosphere modelling project: ACCESS-Fire mpeace, jkepert Harvey Ye
Presentation-Slideshow Building capacity in north Australian remote communities: research partnership involving CDU and NAILSMA cyates
Presentation-Slideshow Prescribed burning cluster faires
Presentation-Slideshow Cost-effective mitigation strategy development for flood prone buildings tmaqsood, mwehner, kdale
Presentation-Slideshow Impact forecasting: introducing a new project for 2017-19 hrichter, carthur, mwehner, ckrause, jsexton, bebert, jkepert, rhay, medwards Shoni Maguire, Mark Dunford,
Presentation-Slideshow Determining threshold conditions for extreme fire behaviour: standardising data obtained from wildfires afilkov, tduff, tpenman
Presentation-Slideshow Natural hazard exposure information framework - research utilisation project: Australian exposure information platform rhay
Presentation-Slideshow Mapping bushfire hazards and impacts: developing spatial information on fire hazard for planners, land managers and emergency services myebra, avandijk, gcary
Presentation-Slideshow Built environment cluster medwards
Presentation-Slideshow Prescribed burning and predictive services aleavesley
Improving flood forecast skill using remote sensing data sgrimaldi, yli, awright, jwalker, vpauwels
Presentation-Slideshow Fire spread across fuel types dsutherland, kmoinuddin, aooi
Presentation-Slideshow Dynamic coasts: improving community resilience to storms and extreme water levels along the coast jsexton
Presentation-Slideshow Three Minute Thesis: how short-range embers travel and burn surface fuels rwadhwani
Presentation-Slideshow Three Minute Thesis: rethinking fuel accumulation curves jfurlaud
Presentation-Slideshow Mapping the fire landscape: active fire surveillance and fuel hazard assessments kreinke
Presentation-Slideshow Cost-effective mitigation strategy for building related earthquake risk mgriffith
Presentation-Slideshow Fire coalescence and mass spotfire dynamics: experimentation, modelling and simulation jsharples, James Hilton, asullivan
Presentation-Slideshow Three Minute Thesis: The burning question hsimpson

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