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12 Nov 2015

Quick Response Fund

The Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC has established a Quick Response Fund to provide support for researchers to travel to areas affected by natural disasters (bushfire, flood, cyclone, severe storm, earthquake or tsunami) to gain an understanding of the event, the impacts and to capture perishable data. These activities can help to identify significant research questions arising from major natural hazard events and provide a context for developing more extensive research proposals.

Funding support is limited to $2500 (inc. GST) per team for any individual event. Funding is principally designed to reimburse travel-related expenses such as airfares, car rental and accommodation. Minor data collection expenditure may be considered.

Applicants do not need to be current Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC researchers to be eligible. PhD students are eligible to apply for this funding where an understanding of the event directly relates to their PhD studies. Student applications require the endorsement of the primary supervisor. 

Key documents:

  • Download the general information about Quick Response grants here
  • Download the guidelines here
  • Download the application form here
  • Download the report template here - please ise the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC One Partner Template 2016

Reports completed under the Quick Response Fund

Hesse P & Shumack S (2016) The potential for coastal dune de-stabilisation following 2015/16 wildfires near Esperance, WA

Every D (2016) Homelessness and severe storms: a case study of the June 2016 East Coast Low

Tofa M & Gissing A (2017) Rapid response report: study of heatwave impacts on residents and businesses in western Sydney

Tofa M, Gissing A, Van Leeuwen J & Smith C (2017) Rapid response report: study of heatwave impacts on NSW Northern Rivers region 2017

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