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Recovery is the coordinated process of supporting emergency affected communities in reconstruction of the physical infrastructure and restoration of emotional, social, economic and physical wellbeing.

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#AFAC16 Recovery Resource save (0 bytes) communities, multi-hazard, recovery
A new research agenda Blog coastal, governance, recovery
Connecting communities and resilience Resource save (1.14 MB) communities, recovery, resilience
Connecting communities and resilience: a multi-hazard study of preparedness response and recovery communications Resource save (544.2 KB) communities, recovery, response
Data progress on Forcett fire Blog communities, recovery, volunteering
Factors Affecting Long Term Community Recovery Resource save (261.69 KB) communities, recovery, resilience
Factors affecting long term community recovery Project communities, recovery, resilience
Homelessness and severe storms: a case study of the June 2016 East Coast Low Biblio save (804.26 KB) communities, recovery, resilience
Live to tell - surviving a natural disaster forum 2016 Resource save (0 bytes) communities, recovery, resilience
Living to tell the tale Blog education, recovery, resilience
Natural disasters and sectoral economic development: evidence from Australia - Muhammad Habibur Rahman Resource save (6.52 MB) economics, multi-hazard, recovery
Opportunities and challenges of citizen-led recovery in post-disaster settings Biblio save (183.33 KB) communities, recovery, volunteering
Parenting after a disaster - experiences since Black Saturday Project child-centred, fire, recovery
Partners get northern research update News communication, indigenous communities, recovery
PhD: Developing a Disaster Limit State Design Method for Buildings in Cyclone Prone Areas Project cyclone, engineering, recovery
Resilient disaster response & recovery: lessons from social science Resource recovery, resilience, response
Resilient disaster response and recovery Resource save (1.56 MB) recovery, resilience, response
Risk and protection factors for bushfire resilience and recovery - non peer reviewed extended abstract Biblio save (203.71 KB) fire, recovery, resilience
Secondary Traumatic Stress in Postdisaster Field Research Interviewers Biblio communication, fire, recovery
The Post Disaster City Project communities, recovery, resilience

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