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Policy is a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by an individual or organisation.

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Climate change adaptation and floods: Australia’s institutional arrangements Biblio flood, planning, policy
When policy, politics and emergency management collide: managing coordination in crises Biblio PDF icon save (307.28 KB) emergency management, governance, policy
Restorative inquiries and natural disasters - symposium report Biblio PDF icon save (5.16 MB) framework, governance, policy
You own the fuel but who owns the fire? Biblio PDF icon save (214.41 KB) fire, fuel reduction, policy
How chief officers view success in fire policy and management Biblio fire, governance, policy
Better use and management of levees: reducing flood risk in a changing climate Biblio flood, policy
From research to red tape - the challenges in implementing fit for duty programs amongst emergency management agencies Biblio PDF icon save (538.93 KB) emergency management, governance, policy
The social life of science in bushfire policy and planning: tales from Victoria and the Northern Territory Biblio PDF icon save (234.08 KB) mitigation, planning, policy
Exposing hidden-value trade-offs: sharing wildfire management responsibility between government and citizens Biblio governance, policy
From research outcome to agency change: mapping a learning trajectory of opportunities and challenges Biblio PDF icon save (421.2 KB) decision making, emergency management, policy
Examining bushfire policy in action: Preparedness and behaviour in the 2009 Black Saturday fires Biblio PDF icon save (438.46 KB), PDF icon save (513.82 KB) communities, fire, policy
Advancing public health in the context of natural hazards: normalising preparedness within a framework of adapted protection motivation theory Project animals, policy, resilience
Policies, institutions and governance of natural hazards: Annual project report 2014-2015 Biblio PDF icon save (439 KB) framework, governance, policy
Natural hazard mitigation decision support system: Annual project report 2015-2016 Biblio PDF icon save (2 MB) decision making, multi-hazard, policy
Scientific Knowledge and Scientific Uncertainty in Bushfire and Flood Risk Mitigation: Literature Review Biblio PDF icon save (2.47 MB) governance, planning, policy
Building adaptive capacities for disaster resilience: what role for government? Biblio PDF icon save (490.2 KB) emergency management, governance, policy

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