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Communities refers to groups of people living in the same place, who share particular characteristics or endeavours.

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16 Apr 2015 Tackling black swans Blog child-centred, communities, resilience
26 Oct 2018 Wrangling llamas in the laundry, the scratchy bits and the bitey end, stockings for muzzles, and keeping out of the kicking zone! Blog animals, communities, preparedness
15 Apr 2015 Sendai insights Blog child-centred, communities, resilience
31 Oct 2017 Sharing PhD findings on community decision making Blog communities, local knowledge, volunteering
13 Feb 2015 It may feel like a quiet season, but don't get complacent Blog communities, policy, risk management
23 Jun 2017 International insight into fire protection Blog communities, engineering, fire impacts
12 Aug 2016 Research contributes to CFS community engagement News communication, communities, fire
30 Sep 2014 Findings from the October 2013 bushfires in NSW News communication, communities, warnings
11 Dec 2015 Scientific diversity project news News communities, mitigation, policy
09 May 2016 DFES pilots bushfire preparedness measurement tool News communities, fire, preparedness
16 Jul 2015 Science direct in videos News communities, scenario analysis, volunteering
19 Aug 2019 Issues of safety and engagement highlighted in Journal News communities, emergency management, fire impacts
02 Mar 2018 Project update - Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities News communities, indigenous communities, resilience
29 Oct 2014 All Research to Drive Change resources accessible News communication, communities, fire
06 Jun 2018 Enhancing the presentation of research News communication, communities, emergency management
31 Aug 2017 The role of children in building bushfire-resilient communities News child-centred, communities, resilience
14 Jul 2016 Migrants’ experience of natural disasters: participants needed for study News communities, fire, local knowledge
01 Mar 2017 'Unofficial' volunteers News communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
18 Dec 2017 A new model for helping News communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
18 Apr 2018 Students take the lead at forum News communities, multi-hazard, policy
10 Feb 2015 Learning from the Adelaide Hills bushfire News communities, fire, fire impacts
04 Mar 2016 Extending into community-led preparedness just enough (but not too much) News communities, fire, planning
14 Aug 2017 Research insights for catastrophic fires News communication, communities, fire
12 Dec 2018 Better warnings to ensure action News communication, communities, warnings
07 Oct 2015 House, home and place - a visual mapping tool News communities, decision making, local knowledge
02 Jan 2016 Sampson Flat fire research findings News communication, communities, fire impacts
31 May 2018 Enhancing teamwork and research utilisation News communities, decision making, emergency management
23 Jan 2015 How can communities and agencies weather the storm? News communication, communities, warnings
22 Oct 2018 Recognition for animal research News animals, communities, planning
09 May 2016 Using research? Learning from experience News communication, communities, planning
19 Oct 2017 Experts gather on disaster reduction News communities, education, resilience
27 Jun 2019 New online - June 2019 News communities, emergency management, fire
18 Dec 2017 Emergency planning for animals News animals, communities, planning
14 May 2015 Science in Wildfire News communities, exposure, risk management
10 May 2019 Community and economic impact of Black Saturday investigated in Journal News communities, diversity and inclusion, indigenous communities
21 Nov 2016 Live to tell - surviving a natural disaster News communities, decision making, emergency management
13 Nov 2017 Project update - Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities News communities, indigenous communities, resilience
28 Feb 2014 Warning communities to take action News communication, communities, decision making
22 Oct 2014 Sustainable volunteering - how can we do it differently? News communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
23 Jul 2018 New Zealand PhDs needed News communities, emergency management, multi-hazard

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