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Communities refers to groups of people living in the same place, who share particular characteristics or endeavours.

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15 Apr 2015 Sendai insights Blog child-centred, communities, resilience
28 Jun 2019 Six years done and the main game is to use the research Blog communities, emergency management, warnings
21 May 2018 International insights and local lessons: Themes from the International Risk and Crisis Communication Conference Blog communication, communities, warnings
23 Jun 2017 International insight into fire protection Blog communities, engineering, fire impacts
23 Mar 2016 How are mapping technologies impacting emergency management? Blog communities, emergency management, local knowledge
13 Feb 2015 It may feel like a quiet season, but don't get complacent Blog communities, policy, risk management
10 Jun 2016 Designing warnings with community at the start and heart of national frameworks Blog communication, communities, warnings
11 Jan 2016 Notes from the field: Community mapping for bushfire preparation in Tasmania Blog communication, communities, planning
26 Jun 2015 Who’s who in the research zoo? Blog communities, resilience, warnings
01 Mar 2017 'Unofficial' volunteers News communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
07 Oct 2015 House, home and place - a visual mapping tool News communities, decision making, local knowledge
17 Apr 2018 Safety lessons from 2009 News communities, fire impacts
02 Jan 2016 Sampson Flat fire research findings News communication, communities, fire impacts
23 Jan 2015 How can communities and agencies weather the storm? News communication, communities, warnings
09 May 2016 Using research? Learning from experience News communication, communities, planning
16 Oct 2018 Real cost of disasters in focus News communities, economics, resilience
13 May 2019 Children as agents of change in disaster preparedness News child-centred, communities, education
14 Aug 2017 Research insights for catastrophic fires News communication, communities, fire
14 May 2015 Science in Wildfire News communities, exposure, risk management
28 Feb 2014 Warning communities to take action News communication, communities, decision making
18 Dec 2017 Better warnings to ensure action News communication, communities, warnings
22 Oct 2014 Sustainable volunteering - how can we do it differently? News communities, non-traditional recruitment, volunteering
23 Aug 2018 Climate and water research over summer News communities, flood
21 Nov 2016 Live to tell - surviving a natural disaster News communities, decision making, emergency management
07 May 2014 Newsletter - Out of Uniform News communities, volunteering
12 Feb 2018 Research gives insight into community bushfire response News communities, fire severity, warnings
19 Mar 2015 Bangor, Rockleigh and Eden Valley SA research findings News communication, communities, decision making
19 Sep 2018 Three notable contributions at AFAC18 News animals, child-centred, communities
16 Oct 2017 What will emergency volunteering look like in 2030? News communities, recruitment, volunteering
07 Oct 2014 Mercury rising replay available News communities, fire severity, fire weather
15 May 2019 Global fire focus on diversity, cultural burning and communities News communities, diversity and inclusion, fire
26 Jun 2017 Research to explore NSW bushfires News communication, communities, warnings
19 Feb 2015 Parkerville WA research findings News communication, communities, decision making
07 Mar 2016 Perceptions of risk and connection to landscape News communities, land management, local knowledge
17 Aug 2015 Post-incident research: Gaining knowledge after the event News communities, decision making, fire
07 Feb 2018 Flood research highlighted News communities, flood, warnings
29 Oct 2014 Facing a disaster News capability, communities, vulnerability
01 Jun 2018 Research gives insight into community bushfire response News communities, emergency management, fire
20 Jul 2016 Learning survival lessons in the wake of a tsunami News communities, resilience, tsunami
28 Nov 2016 Participants needed for bushfire community preparation survey News animals, communities, fire

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