Resilience to Hazards


This theme aims to improve the conceptualisation of resilience and the factors that both promote and inhibit its development.  Improved understanding of these factors will optimise the development of a capability to identify vulnerability, manage the risk and enable resilience.

Projects in this research theme, by cluster

Communication and warnings
Project Research leader Affiliation
Child-centred disaster risk reduction
Prof Kevin Ronan CQUniversity
Managing animals in disasters: improving preparedness, response, and resilience through individual and organisational collaboration
Dr Mel Taylor Macquarie University
Improving the role of hazard communications in increasing residents’ preparedness and response planning
Dr Ilona McNeill University of Melbourne
Effective risk and warning communication during natural hazards
Prof Vivienne Tippett Queensland University of Technology
Community understanding of the tsunami risk and warnings systems in Australian communities
Prof David Johnston Massey University
Flood risk communication
Dr Mel Taylor Macquarie University
Emergency Management Capability
Project Research leader Affiliation
Catastrophic and cascading events: planning and capability
Andrew Gissing Risk Frontiers
Diversity and inclusion: building strength and capability
Celeste Young Victoria University
Capability needs for emergency & disaster management organisations
Dr Paul Barnes Queensland University of Technology
Impact-based forecasting for the coastal zone: East-Coast Lows
Harald Richter Bureau of Meteorology
Improving decision-making in complex multi-team environments
Associate Professor Chris Bearman CQUniversity
National mental health and wellbeing study of police and emergency services
Prof David Lawrence University of Western Australia
Sustainable volunteering
Project Research leader Affiliation
Out of uniform: building community resilience through non-traditional emergency volunteering
Prof John Handmer RMIT University
Improving the retention and engagement of volunteers in emergency service agencies
A/Prof Michael Jones University of Wollongong
Enabling sustainable emergency volunteering
Dr Blythe McLennan RMIT University
Understanding and enhancing resilience
Project Research leader Affiliation
The Australian Natural Disaster Resilience Index: A system for assessing the resilience of Australian communities to natural hazards
Dr Melissa Parsons University of New England
Enhancing remote north Australian community resilience
Adj Prof Jeremy Russell-Smith Charles Darwin University
Northern Australian bushfire and natural hazard training
Steve Sutton Charles Darwin University
Factors affecting long term community recovery
Lisa Gibs University of Melbourne
Hazards, culture and Indigenous communities
Dr Jessica Weir Western Sydney University
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National research priorities for natural hazards

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The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

The Sir Ivan fire. Photo: Nick Moir, Fairfax Media

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