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This new project commenced in July 2017, and aims to produce new and innovative ways of integrating urban planning and natural hazard risk management. It will increase the understanding of what planning and emergency management can and cannot do, separately and in synergy, and develop new approaches to applying tools and methods available to planning systems to the design and management of communities as they change.

A range of fundamental challenges exist to the integration of planning with natural hazard risk management and the potential to build resilient processes for natural hazard risk management into integrated urban planning.

Here is Alan talking about how the urban population can protect themselves from natural hazards.


Integrated Urban Planning for Natural Hazard Mitigation
18 Sep 2018

Urban Planning – UP systems have considerable potential to modify the impacts of natural hazards upon the built environment, and to contribute to resilience processes and outcomes. However, the full integration of planning systems with emergency management is still far from reaching its potential.

Key Topics