Student researcher

Dr Veronique Florec Research Leader

This PhD began at the Bushfire CRC and was completed in July 2016. It developed an economic model for evaluating different prescribed burning strategies. The model incorporates both biological information related to bushfires and fire regimes, as well as economic information about prescribed burning, suppression, and potential bushfire damages. The model uses the Australis wildfire simulator to simulate the spread of fires under different prescribed burning scenarios.

The project has informed decision-makers on the costs and benefits of different prescribed burning strategies, the return on their investment, and the trade-offs between different options.

Veronique is now working at the University of Western Australia as a researcher on the CRC project Economics of natural hazards.

Download her thesis here.

Year Type Citation
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2016 Conference Paper Florec, V., Pannell, D. J., Burton, M., Kelso, J. & Milne, G. Think long term: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning in the south west of Western Australia. AFAC16 (Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, 2016).
2016 Thesis Florec, V. Economic analysis of prescribed burning in the south-west of Western Australia. School of Agricultural and Resource Economics Doctor of Philosophy, (2016).
2013 Report Florec, V. et al. Economic Analysis of Bushfire Management Programs: A WA Perspective Report. (2013).