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Latest publications

Year Type Citation
2007 Report Blanchi, R. et al. Water tank behavior in Bushfires. (BlueScope Steel Limited and the Bushfire CRC, 2007). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/water-tank-behavior-bushfires_0.pdf>
2007 Report Bowditch, P. A., Leonard, J. E. & Macindoe, L. Measurements of Moisture Content in Decking Timbers Exposed to Bushfire Weather Conditions. (2007). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/8730_cmmt-2007-141-measurements-moisture-content-decking-timbers-exposed-bushfire-weather-conditions.pdf>
2007 Book Chapter Ganewatta, G., Choong, W. & Handmer, J. A Book on Managing Extreme Events in Environment (Munasinghe, P. Mohan) (2007).
2007 Book Chapter Ganewatta, G. & Handmer, J. Community Bushfire Safety (Handmer, J. & Haynes, K.) (CSIRO Publishing/ Bushfire CRC, 2007). at <http://www.publish.csiro.au/nid/18/pid/5819.htm>
2007 Conference Proceedings McLennan, J., Birch, A., Beatson, R. & Cowlishaw, S. Volunteer firefighting: A job for a woman?. 7th APS - Industrial / Organisational Psychology (2007).
2007 Journal Article Mcfarlane, A. Fire sheds new light on regulation of water and carbon fluxes by tree height. (2007).
2007 Journal Article Elliott, G., Omodei, M. & McLennan, J. "The Human Factors Interview Protocol: A Tool for the Investigation of Human Factors Issues in Emergency Management". Australian Journal of Emergency Management (2007).
2007 Journal Article Buckley, T. N., Turnbull, T. L., Pfautsch, S. & Adams, M. A. Sap flow in Australian subalpine forests & woodlands suggests nocturnal transpiration contributes significantly to stand water balance and is inversely related to soil moisture. Plant, Cell & Environment (2007).
2007 Journal Article Harvest, T., Davidson, N. J. & Close, D. C. Is decline in high altitude eucalypt forests related to rainforest understorey development and altered soil bacteria following the long absence of fire?. Austral Ecology Nov. 2007, (2007).
2007 Journal Article Cottrell, A. & King, D. Planning for more bushfires: implications of urban growth and climate change. Queensland Planner 47, 23-26 (2007).
2006 Report De Vos, A. J. B. M., Cook, A., Devine, B., Thompson, P. J. & Weinstein, P. Respiratory Health of Fire Fighters. (UWA, 2006).
2006 Journal Article Hess, G. D., Tory, K. J., Lee, S., Wain, A. & Cope, M. E. Modelling the King Island bushfire smoke. 93-104 (2006).
2006 Report Finkele, K., Mills, G. A., Beard, G. & Jones, D. National daily gridded soil moisture deficit and drought factors for use in prediction of forest fire danger index in Australia. 117, 68pp (BMRC, 2006).
2006 Report Killey, P. & Barrett, G. An assessment of drop patterns, penetration and persistence of water and foam form medium aerial platforms in grassland, open woodlands and pine forest in the ACT. 43, (ACT Rural Fire Service, 2006).
2006 Report Plucinski, M. P., McCarthy, G. J. & Gould, J. S. Aerial Suppression Experiment, Cambridge Tasmania, 21-23 February 2005. 47, (Ensis- CSIRO , 2006).
2006 Report Barrett, G. & Killey, P. Assessment of the application of compressed air foam technology for grassfire fighting. 31, (2006).
2006 Journal Article Mills, G. A. & Morgan, G. The Winchelsea Convergence - using radar and mesoscale NWP to diagnose cool change structure. Australian Meteorological Magazine 55, 47-58 (2006).
2006 Report Wain, A. & Mills, G. A. The Australian Smoke Management Forecast System. BMRC Research Report No 117, (2006).
2006 Report Glasgow, K. The Sudanese Refugees and Fire Hazard Study. (Bushfire CRC, 2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/qfr2404_sudanese_reportweb.pdf>
2006 Report Flaherty, C. Retrospective measures of fire intensity for forested landscapes in southwestern Australia. (CALM and University of Western Australia, 2006).
2006 Journal Article Huang, X. & Mills, G. A. Objective identification of wind change timing from single station observations Part 2: towards the concept of a wind change climatology. Australian Meteorological Magazine 55, 275-288 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Huang, X. & Mills, G. A. Objective identification of wind change timing from single station observations Part 1: methodology and comparison with subjective timings. Australian Meteorological Magazine 55, 261-274 (2006).
2006 Report Lucas, C. An examination of dewpoint biases introduced by different instrumentation. BMRC Research Letters 4, 16-26 (2006).
2006 Conference Paper Andrews, P. L., Anderson, S. A. J. & Anderson, W. R. Evaluation of a dynamic load transfer function using grassland curing data. 1st Fire Behaviour and Fuel Conference, (International Association of Wildland Fire, 2006). at <http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/pubs/25963>
2006 Journal Article Weber, R. & Dold, J. Linking Landscape Fires and Local Meteorology-A Short Review. JSME International Journal Series B 49, 590 - 593 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Russell-Smith, J. & Edwards, A. C. Seasonality and fire severity in savanna landscapes of monsoonal northern Australia. International Journal of Wildland Fire 15, 541 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Paton, D., Kelly, G., Burgelt, P. T. & Doherty, M. Preparing for bushfires: understanding intentions. Disaster Prevention and Management 15, 566 - 575 (2006).
2006 Journal Article King, K. J. et al. Simulation of prescribed burning strategies in south-west Tasmania, Australia: effects on unplanned fires, fire regimes, and ecological management values. International Journal of Wildland Fire 15, 527 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Reisen, F. & Brown, S. K. Implications for Community Health from Exposure to Bushfire Air Toxics. Environmental Chemistry 3, 235 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Cohen, E., Hughes, P. & White, P. B. Battling ferocious flames: bushfires in the media. Australian Journal of Emergency Management 21, (2006).
2006 Journal Article Parr, C. L. & Andersen, A. N. Patch Mosaic Burning for Biodiversity Conservation: a Critique of the Pyrodiversity Paradigm. Conservation Biology 20, 1610 - 1619 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Alexander, M. E. & Cruz, M. G. Evaluating a model for predicting active crown fire rate of spread using wildfire observations. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 3015-3028 (2006). at <http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/nrc/cjfr/2006/00000036/00000011/art00030>
2006 Report Bushnell, S., Cottrell, A., Spillman, M. & Lowe, D. Understanding Communities Living with Bushfire: The Thuringowa Bushfire Case Study. Fire Note (Bushfire CRC, 2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/publications/downloads/c1-thuringowatechreport-10-06.pdf>
2006 Journal Article Dold, J., Zinoviev, A. & Weber, R. Nonlocal flow effects in bushfire spread rates. Forest Ecology and Management 234, S93 - S93 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Bell, T. & Oliveras, I. Perceptions of Prescribed Burning in a Local Forest Community in Victoria, Australia. Environmental Management 38, 867 - 878 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Tolhurst, K. G., Anderson, W. R. & Gould, J. S. Woody fuel consumption experiments in an undisturbed forest. Forest Ecology and Management 234, S109 - S109 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Blanchi, R., Leonard, J. E. & Leicester, R. Lessons learnt from post-bushfire surveys at the urban interface in Australia. Forest Ecology and Management 234, S139 - S139 (2006).
2006 Report Aerts, V. The effects of fire on nitrogen loss from long unburnt fuels from a Eucalyptus pilularis forest. (University of Melbourne, 2006).
2006 Journal Article Finkele, K., Mills, G. A., Beard, G. & Jones, T. National gridded drought factors and comparison of two soil moisture deficit formulations used in the rediction of forest fire danger index in Australia. Australian Meteorological Magazine 183-197 (2006). at <http://www.bom.gov.au/amm/docs/2006/finkele.pdf>
2006 Journal Article De Vos, A. J. B. M., Cook, A., Devine, B., Thompson, P. J. & Weinstein, P. Effect of protective filters on fire fighter respiratory health during simulated bushfire smoke exposure. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 49, 740 - 750 (2006).
2006 Journal Article McLennan, J., Holgate, A. M., Omodei, M. & Wearing, A. J. Decision Making Effectiveness in Wildfire Incident Management Teams. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 14, 27 - 37 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Cary, G. J. et al. Comparison of the Sensitivity of Landscape-fire-succession Models to Variation in Terrain, Fuel Pattern, Climate and Weather. Landscape Ecology 21, 121 - 137 (2006).
2006 Book Chapter Balcombe, L. J. Communities: Living with Hazards (2006). at <http://www.jcu.edu.au/ees/Publications/JCUDEV_014975.html>
2006 Conference Proceedings Gould, J. S. Fuel Management-An Integral Part of Fire Management: Trans-Tasman Perspective. Fuels Management-How to Measure Success: Conference Proceedings (2006). at <http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/pubs/25934>
2006 Journal Article Andersen, A. N., Parr, C. L. & McKaige, B. J. Burning for biodiversity in the Top End. Australasian Plant Conservation 3-May (2006).
2006 Journal Article Parr, C. L., Andersen, A. N., Chastagnol, C. & Duffaud, C. Savanna fires increase rate of myrmecochory and dispersal distance by ants. Oecologia 33-41 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Nicholson, E., Lill, A. & Andersen, A. N. Do tropical savanna skink assemblages show a short-term response to low intensity fire?. Wildlife Research 331-338 (2006).
2006 Journal Article Andersen, A. N., Hertog, T. & Woinarski, J. C. Z. Long-term fire exclusion and ant community structure in an Australian tropical savanna: congruence with vegetation succession. Journal of Biogeography 823-832 (2006).
2006 Report Opperman, T., Gould, J. S., Finney, M. & Tymstra, C. Applying Fire Spread Simulators in New Zealand and Australia: Results from an International Seminar. (2006). at <http://www.fs.fed.us/rm/pubs/rmrs_p041/rmrs_p041_201_212.pdf>
2006 Report Paton, D. Warning Systems: Issues and considerations for warning. (Bushfire CRC, 2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/paton-bushfire-warnings_wcover_1.pdf>
2006 Report Aisbett, B. & Nichols, D. Firefighter health, safety, and wellbeing on the fireground. Operational Services Group Meeting 4, (Australasian Fire Authorities Council, 2006).
2006 Report Cowlishaw, S. Impacts of fire service volunteering on the families of volunteers: a literature review and research agenda. (2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/impact-volunteering-families.pdf>
2006 Report Bowditch, P. A. House Fire Spread, an investigation – Gulgong NSW. (CSIRO - Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology, Fire Science and Technology Laboratory, 2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/_be55_gulgong_2006-206_final.pdf>
2006 Report Hickey, G. Summary of reports from inquiries into bushfire incidents where multiple-agency interoperability has been implicated. (2006). at <http://ecite.utas.edu.au/51535>
2006 Report McLennan, J., Birch, A. & Palmer, A. Survey of ACT Rural Fire Service Women Volunteers. (2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/publications/citation/bf-1338>
2006 Report Macindoe, L. & Bowditch, P. A. Cone Calorimeter Tests for Fire Retarded Timber Assessment of Australian Decking Timbers. (2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/cmit-2006-143_cone_calorimeter_tests_for_fire_retarded_timber_assessment_of_australian_decking_timbe.pdf>
2006 Report Leonard, J. E. et al. Research and investigation into the performance of residential boundary fencing systems in bushfires. (CSIRO Manufacturing & Infrastructure Technology, Fire Science & Technology Laboratory, Bushfire Research, 2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/_6baf_bluescope_fence_report_final.pdf>
2006 Report White, N., Leonard, J. E. & Sargeant, A. J. Report into the perfomance of steel power poles in bushfires. (2006). at <http://www.bushfirecrc.com/sites/default/files/managed/resource/bluescope_sureline_report_-final.pdf>
2006 Report Paton, D. Promoting Household and Community Preparedness for Bushfires: A review of issues that inform the development and delivery of risk communication strategies. (Bushfire CRC, 2006).
2006 Report Whelan, B., Kanowski, K., A. Gill, M. & Andersen, A. N. Living in a land of fire. Australian State of Environment Report (2006). at <www.deh.gov.au/soe/2006/integrative/fire/index>


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