Published works

Published works

Emergency management opportunities for remote indigenous communities in northern Australia

TitleEmergency management opportunities for remote indigenous communities in northern Australia
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsSangha, KK, Edwards, A, Russell-Smith, J
Conference NameAFAC18
Date Published09/2018
PublisherBushfire and Natural Hazards CRC
Conference LocationPerth

Despite frequent exposure to severe natural hazards including extensive bushfires, tropical cyclones and floods, remote Indigenous communities across northern Australia typically have little engagement in managing, mitigating or planning for such hazards. The BNHCRC scenario planning project explores how remote communities can effectively and sustainably mitigate the risks of natural hazards, and develop effective partnerships with emergency management (EM) decision-making processes. This research integrates and analyses EM resources and services available through various agencies responsible for remote locations, and related EM costs. The project provides opportunities for responsible agencies to engage and plan with remote communities to deliver efficient, cost-effective and culturally appropriate EM services. Scenario planning workshops, applying business as usual and enhanced risk mitigation scenarios, are underway involving active participation of multiple stakeholders including rangers from remote locations namely, Borroloola, Hermannsburg and Yuendumu, representatives from emergency services in the Northern Territory (NT Emergency Services, Fire and Rescue Services, Bushfires NT), the Northern and Central Land Councils, and other local organizations. Initial discussions with rangers and Traditional Owners from the selected remote communities, representatives from the relevant EM agencies, and other interested parties have indicated keen interest for participating in the project. Workshop discussions and associated data analyses will be presented, offering new insights into the delivery of cost-effective and improved EM services that can empower vulnerable remote communities. 

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