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Published works

Working from the inside out to improve utilisation of research in decision making

TitleWorking from the inside out to improve utilisation of research in decision making
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsYoung, C
Conference NameAFAC18
Date Published09/2018
PublisherBushfire and Natural Hazards CRC
Conference LocationPerth

The most common model for research is still often one where research is produced largely by researchers and delivered to users in the form of data, reports and papers. However if research is to be used it requires the blending of two very different knowledge systems: those of research and practice. Their integration in a transdisciplinary research environment is absolutely necessary if research is to be usable and serve the implementation needs of practitioners and policy makers. Implementation of research in the field of natural hazards is complex because it is a systemic issue and requires a highly collaborative model; one where diverse parties work together to achieve common goals. This can be an uncomfortable space particularly for researchers because this process starts in a fundamentally different place. It requires researchers to develop understanding from inside end user contexts rather than develop knowledge from outside it. It is a process of matching the knowledge to the need and tailoring information so end users can use it. Communication is a key part of this and active listening and negotiation are crucial.  The inside out methodology was developed in 2006 and has since been used to develop a number of practitioner frameworks including the Risk Ownership Framework for Policy and Practice. These frameworks integrate research into decision making systems through co-designing solutions that evaluate end users context, their decision making systems and the drivers that inform them. It is however not without its challenges. This paper outlines some of the key components that are part of this research model. 

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