Published works

Published works

Methods of Structural Analysis of Buildings Incorporating Higher Modes Effects

TitleMethods of Structural Analysis of Buildings Incorporating Higher Modes Effects
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMehdipanah, A, Lumantarna, E, Lam, N
JournalAustralian Earthquake Engineering Society
Keywordsdynamic analysis method., higher mode effects, Multi-storey buildings, static analysis method

Dynamic analysis method has been suggested for the analysis of irregular buildings in the seismic standards. However, dynamic analyses can be computationally expensive and there are uncertainties associated with the selection of ground motion records for the regions of low to moderate seismicity. In a relevant research by the authors, it has been shown that linear response of irregular buildings featuring transfer beams resembles the response of regular buildings in the regions of low to moderate seismicity such as Australia. Hence, Generalised Lateral Force Method (GLFM) of Analysis is introduced and developed to incorporate the effects of higher modes based on generic modal displacement values. This method can be used for shear wall dominant RC buildings with or without transfer beam irregularity features. Shortcomings of the conventional Equivalent Static Analysis Method are resolved and the robustness of the method in estimating the seismic demands within the elastic limit is demonstrated by comparison with dynamic analyses.

Refereed DesignationRefereed

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