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Prof Vivienne Tippett

Prof Vivienne Tippett

Professor Tippett is Professor and Head of Discipline for Paramedicine in the Faculty of Health at QUT and the Director of Research for QUT’s School of Clinical Science.  Professor Tippett is also an Executive Member of the Centre for Emergency and Disaster Management (CDEM) and has worked for over ten years as a researcher in the area of pre-hospital care, including seven years as Director of the Australian Centre for Pre-hospital Care Research at University of Queensland and Queensland Ambulance Service. In recognition of this work she was awarded the Distinguished Services Medal by the Queensland Ambulance Service in 2011. In 2014 she was achnowledged as one of 125 Women in Leadership awardees by the YWCA.

Professor Tippett is currently leading a Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC consortium on emergency warnings and crisis communication.

Project leadership

With the multitude of warnings issued when an emergency hits, how can emergency services ensure their critical safety advice is heard and acted upon, rather than dismissed as noise? This project is helping emergency services warn communities by actively testing the wording and structure of warning messages to better understand how messages are understood and translated into direct action. The team is supporting broader initiatives in the communications and warnings space, not just for individual organisations, but also at the national level by providing reviews and assisting with the development of evidence-based warning doctrine.
This project was commissioned and funded entirely by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services..
Building resilient communities: creating effective multi-channel communication during disaster response and recovery
29 Jun 2017
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12 Aug 2016
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18 Aug 2015
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Building resilient communities: Creating effective multi-channel communication during disaster response and recovery
25 Aug 2014
To examine evidence-based strategies that motivate appropriate action and increase informed...

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